New issue, new video and yes, those darn mermaid shirts

First, I’d like to thank so many of you that stopped by our table last night at the Fisherman Surf Show and told us how much you like what we do. And thanks to our friends at The Fisherman Magazine for having us. We always have a great time but last night was particularly hectic…I wonder if it had something to do with hot mermaid on some garment?

Speaking of mermaids, we have few (very limited stock) shirts left . Whatever is left, few of each size is in our online store now at I wanted the blog readers have a first shot at them before the FB crazies clean us out. Yes, we will be remaking them. You can click on and it will take you to the online store. I will apologize ahead of time if we run out but we will take care of you guys, that I promise. L44769 L44768We also made these new long sleeve Night Crew shirts for the first time. But they sold out in a lot of sizes. Large and I think few others are gone. We had few left and they are up in the store now too but they will be coming down on weekend and we’ll put it back up one we remake them.L44772 long





Another giveaway on the weekend and winner of KVD pliers. And I know that you are aware that new issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine is live at If you are a subscriber. log in and enjoy. If your subscription has expired, log into your account and update your credit card info. I will be working all day today on activating and renewing subscriptions from last night show. Tommy told me issues, 24,25,26,27 can now be viewed with an APP. We are committed to make all issues app compatible


And last but not least…a little short video of what our crazy Fly Fishing columnist John Papciak does with a fly rod (and a regular rod too) enjoy [youtube][/youtube]

5 comments on “New issue, new video and yes, those darn mermaid shirts

  1. TedC

    Shirt is awesome– once again you guys amaze me with the creativity you have. The skull sweatshirt, modern tactics tee, and now a broken-back lure mermaid? The concepts themselves are fantastic, let alone the amazing artwork that puts them over the top. I cant tell you how many times i’ve been stopped and asked about SJ by a fellow reader when they noticed my hoodie. Its like a brotherhood when you meet someone and immediately realize a shared interest. So often i wish i had the knowledge and perseverence you guys have to put out such an awesome product– and equally i wish i had the creativity and skill you use to bring these ideas to life! Major thanks to all the SJ crew for everything you guys create.

  2. Joe GaNun

    Great stuff, I’m now subscribed through 2016 !
    Another note…the articles / postings are way more frequent in Jan-April. Not so much now. That’s a good thing because it means you guys are fishing.

  3. woodwker99

    Shirts are awesome wish now I had got one at the Hilton show but i had to spend all I could on refilling my plug bag as mine was stolen at Smiths Point.
    But Guys I know you have to try to stay with what’s happening, But FLY RODS DON’T BELONG IN THE SURF THE FLORIDA FLATS YES. Not in the surf. No need to cover it other than the nice teasers the epoxy flies make.


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