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New Issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal Online Magazine should be coming your way in the next 24 hours without any technical difficulties(legalese speak for we don’t know wtf we are doing?) Don’t forget Fisherman Surf Show on Thursday, details bellow In This Issue If you’ve let your SJ sub expire or if you’ve just never pulled the trigger on one check out what we have coming in the September issue! A View From Below, we’ve all heard about those guys that go the extra mile and actually free-dive into their favorite surf spots, but have you ever done it? We’ve all thought about it! Rhode Island surfcaster John Lee has taken on the task and has quickly become addicted! There’s so much to see from concentrations of bait to fish highways to ledges you never even knew existed! Beyond that you’ll gain a new understanding of how the fish relate to structure, what makes one spot better than another and where the fish we all really want to catch hang out—here’s a little clue, a lot of times it’s shallower than you think! A Call To Action, whether you’re a seasoned vet of the surf or if you’re still wet behind the ears the resounding call among striper fishermen is that there is something amiss with the striper fishery. Many sharp anglers have been very vocal about a slow decline for years and now we’re starting to see holes in the fishery which is one of the strongest harbingers of a collapse. Ross Squire is a Long Island angler who has been leading the charge for change within the management system for stripers. He breaks down the latest ASMFC addendum, gives you the ammo to speak up at a meeting or to write a poignant letter to your state’s representatives and makes simple sense of the hang-ups that need to be addressed within the addendum; included with the article is the contact information for every representative on the East Coast. If you love striper fishing now is the time to speak your mind—read along with Ross and then write a letter, today! Fall On The Turnpike, the Jersey Shore is often forgotten when it comes to Fall fishing in fact many of the surfcasters in New Jersey seem to pack it in too early! Tom Kosinski is a hard-working surfman from The Garden State and he lays out a battle plan for the transition from September to December. If you follow his game plan and stick with the method you can find fish right through New Year’s and do it while a lot of the other supposed hardcore guys are working on rounding out their holiday sow-bellies! If that doesn’t make you feel you good, you should check your pulse! The Plug Bag Conundrum, when you’re working the surf, conditions, available bait, wind and terrain are in constant flux—especially in the fall. How many times have you set yourself up for one situation and then found yourself faced with something completely different and unexpected? One of the downsides of traveling via your hooves is that you can only carry so much before your disks start to bark! Surf veteran DJ Muller has a plan that will help you straighten things out and be prepared for almost anything without the need for a Cortisone shot. Have you ever heard on someone catching a 50 on their hand? In our new multi-author column Teddy Menard details the night he watched an angler do the unthinkable, check out The Last Wave to read a story that you’ll retell several times as if you were actually there! Have you ever wondered about the best night a legendary angler has ever had? We asked “Crazy” Alberto Knie to detail his best night in the surf. In this month’s installment of Ask Alberto we got more than we bargained for! “Crazy” Al goes through all of the preparations, weighs out the conditions and details the reasons why he knew that the night he calls ‘the memorable slob night’ was going to be epic. In typical Alberto fashion though, he holds back on the catching which will be detailed in Part 2 coming this November! And there’s a lot more too. This issue is packed with embedded videos, a profile of Guppy Lures and words of wisdom from all of our columnists. Check it out! New tshirt from SJ ,made for those attending Fisherman Surf Show.L44769yup..yours free if you renew at the show or subscribe($20) FishingSurfShow1411

Here is the vendor list and seminar schedule:


Paulie’s Tackle Shop
J&J Tackle
Bob’s Bait & Tackle
J&H Outlet
The Surfcaster
Saltwaters Tackle
Long Island Outdoorsman
Cow Harbor
The Worm Bar
White Water Outfitters
Capt. Kayak
Campsite Sports
Peter Cash (Vintage Penn Reels)
Bill Smith Tackle
River & Bay Outfitters
Al Gag’s Lures
Tactical Anglers
James Counts MX Plugs
24/7 Lures
Gear Up Surfcasting
Rockhopper Products
Manhattan Tackle
North Bar Lures
RuRu Lures
Guide’s Choice
CTS Rods
Van Staal
Super Strike
Cape May Tackle
Guy Cotton/Star Rods/Sea Striker
St. Croix
Century Rods
Release Reels
Wiley X/Orca Coolers/Led Lenser
Blue Frog Bucktails
Jetty Ghost
Hamson Tackle
Bill Wetzel
Mark Malenovsky
Doc Muller
Surfcasters Journal
Long Island Beach Buggy Assoc.
New York Sportfishing Federation/RFA
Montauk Surfcasters Assoc.
NY Coalition For Rec. Fishing
Town of Babylon Surf Tournament
Tom Schlichter – Marinade Express


Knot Tying – Tom Melton
Rigged Eels – Toby Lapinski
Fishing Metal – Ralph Votta
Fly Tying – Angelo Peluso / Paul McCain
Rod Building – Steve Petri
Teasers – Harvey Cooper


6:30 to 7:30 – “Crazy Alberto” Knie: Making the most of your resources to score more fish in the surf.
6:30 to 7:30 – Bill Wetzel: Montauk – Late Summer Through the Fall.
7:45 to 8:45 – Elias Vaisberg: Kayaking Jamaica Bay and other west end waters.
7:45 to 8:45 – Roy Leyva: Where Distance can make a difference/Cape Cod Canal.
9:30 to 10:30 – Al Gags: Getting the most out of soft plastics in the surf.
9:30 to 10:30 – John Paduano: Bucktailing inlets and bridges.


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    The mermaid is beautiful! Please make a bumper sticker and tee shirt/hoody for everyone to order.

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    Can’t be at show, though wish I could…

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