Win Two Bomber Saltwater Grade Long Shot lures

We got another giveaway for you guys but first few announcements

The winner of the KVD Braid Pliers, Lanyard and Sheath giveaway is Steven McDonald

You have 5 days to contact us at with your shipping address. Congratulation


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Ok, for today’s giveaway.

I have a set of new Bomber “Long Shot” lures from Bomber. Our thanks to people at Bomber for providing today’s giveaway prizes. I think its safe to say that more striped bass fell victims to the wiggle of Bomber lures over the last few decades than probably all other plastic swimmers combined.

These are new for 2014

Here is a description from Bomber website

The Bomber Saltwater Grade Long Shot

The Bomber Saltwater Long Shot slender minnow bait was engineered to maximize four main characteristics that make up a fish-catching machine. First, an internal weight transfer system allows the rattle to roll to the tail end of the bait on the cast, then rolls back into position when the lure hits the water. That, along with the aerodynamic shape that cuts through the air, makes for super-long-distance casts even into a stiff wind. Next, the Long Shot’s wide swimming action mimics a damaged baitfish – a strike trigger for all species of gamefish. Another characteristic that sets the Bomber Saltwater Grade Long Shot apart from the rest are the color patterns and decoration that are regionally specific. Whether you’re fishing the Gulf off the Texas coast or big waters anywhere, there’s a color pattern that fits your needs. Finally, if you’ve created a lure that big saltwater fish want to eat, it better be strong enough to handle the battle, time-after-time, and the Long Shot is up to the task. It comes equipped with 4x Saltwater hooks and heavy duty hardware.


The winner will recive a 7 inch, 1 3/4 oz Bomber Long Shot lure in Menhaden pattern


and a 5 inch , 3/4 ounce Bomber Long Shot in Baby Blue Fish pattern


340 comments on “Win Two Bomber Saltwater Grade Long Shot lures

  1. andy_k

    Gotta be in on this one thanks Zeno.

    And just in case, I am more than happy to pay the intl shipping costs.

    Thanks again, Andy

  2. John Bracebridge

    I’m in guys, we have bull reddrum, and tarpon crashing the surf after big schools of menhadden so these lures would work perfectly

  3. Staktup

    I’m in, thanks. Guess Bomber saw what Daiwa and Savage was doing and came up with their own. I’m gonna buy me some of these new Bombers and try em out anyway; glad to see a free market system give me more choices.

  4. Fred zivicky

    Love to try these on stripers. Been using SP minnows but sounds like these Long Shot lures already have the heavy duty 4x hooks installed and ready to go…….send them my way….


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