First look at new PENN Spinfisher V “Long Cast” reel

I am reading the draft of new Skinner’s book on LIRR on Friday. I am shaking my head and going, ” this Is plain awesome”. It really is, you guys are going to love it, I have no doubt. I got half way though the book but when I got home one thing stuck in my head.

John is obviously brilliant. You’ve seen his videos, you’ve seen what he fishes with, you’ve heard his seminars. I believe he is a scientist by trade, with kid in Princeton University. There are no lack of brains in that family. And going by what John lays out In his book, money is not the only reason either In his choice of reels he fishes with. He says In the book his philosophy is “Buy what you need” and ” that he need is a very dependable reel”


Shall we take a look at his   choices ?


Open Beach Lamiglas 1231m PENN 706Z

Open Beach Lamiglas gsb1201l VAN STAAL 200

Back Bay and Sound PENN Regiment 7 foot PENN SSV4500

Inlet rod old Lamiglas GSB 1321M PENN SSV8500 or 706Z

Sound Lamiglas MB1083M PENN 5500SS


Some people just need a dependable reel. There is time and place for everything. The guys In wetsuits that swim to rocks and even those that wade to chest high rocks need a waterproof reel. Becouse eventually you’ll end up on your ass and be forced to quickly get up and reel your line before it gets tangled up in the rocks…..with your reel under water.


Some guys plainly dont need a waterproof reels. I would lie to you if I told you I was not suprised by how many PENN models John uses but then again, I kind of get it why. I fished with VS 150 on my 7′ St Croix Legend for years. And before that on St Croix Premier. It was always good to me. That particular model was probably the most dependeable reel I ever owned (In fairness it was never submersed). But when I thought about buying a new reel for inshore fluking that my son can use too, I thought about that. The fact that it was never wet or submerged in ten or more years I used It. Do I really need to spend that much on another 150? So I did not. I bought a $100 PENN that I been perfectly happy for the application I used It.


To each its own, we should all be glad we have so many choices

Here is a first look  video at new PENN Spinfisher V “Long Cast” model

New rotor

New Drag

New long spool

anti reverse

manual bail

only comes in 7500 model, no bail less option

hoping to do a real life test versus regular PENN Spinfisher v 7500 as soon as I get a chance.






5 comments on “First look at new PENN Spinfisher V “Long Cast” reel

  1. adam

    As a wetsuiter who sometimes is forced to use waders i must say:
    eventually everyone dips their reels & over time that adds up.
    All you will ever need imho is a 200 & a 150.
    Are the 5 penn reels cheaper sure… but not by much.

  2. zhromin Post author

    I wont disagree with you but between you, I and Skinner only one has the fish to back up any claim he wants to make. And we all know who that

  3. Mike D

    Weighing at close to 30oz Penn can keep this reel. I gladly pay for quality and dependability that’s why I use a VS.

  4. silverfox

    Hey Zeno, You remember the night a few years back when I banged a couple of high thirties right next to you on a Penn 560 Slammer and a 10′ St Croix Ben Doer within 15 minutes of each other. Ummmm.


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