Montauk Time & Tide , Episode #5

In case you missed it in January issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal magazine,


and yeah, its time for us to start to get ready to do this

all details at

We will update the Show website as we go along with seminar schedule and door prize packages for attendees


6 comments on “Montauk Time & Tide , Episode #5

  1. Richard Fuchs AKA Woodwker99

    This is why I quit wasting my gas to travel that far. I’d rather do Shinny, or Smiths at the Breach or some of the North shore than go to the point. Orient is getting bad too.

  2. Mike S.

    Great job Z ….. !

    Wetzel’s clip towards the end was great (though sadly true) …. in my opinion, you can add O’Murphy’s to the list …. I was out there a few weeks ago and saw that it closed

  3. Tony Marchisotto

    Thanks for keeping the history of MTK alive, so many of us never became “regulars” but got to know many of the great people there. Things rarely change for the better as our memories have a way of forgetting the tough times. It is so special to be able to hear from anglers who are legends of the surf.

  4. Lionel Berthelon

    Great video. l was blessed l had made the trips to the Cape and Montulk from the late 50s into the early 60s and then again mid 90s to 2000 they were great time. l don’t know if l could deal with the crowd that’s out there to day.


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