Introducing Van Staal new VR series reels

As some of you know, Van Staal is coming out with new reel in few weeks, I believe sometimes mid December will be in stores. I was lent a testing model for about a week to play with. Wish it was earlier in the season but it is what it is. I wont give you a review after a week of fishing, would like to put it underwater and in few different situations before I do that so that will have to wait till next year. As you guys know, unlike many other publication, we actually insist on real world testing before we open our mouths. All I am going to tell you is this, it felt like the lightest , most refined reel I ever fished with, not very VS like…..But yet, at same time it felt very much like a VS.And yes, even I will be able to service this reel …

Craig will fill you in on all the features in the video and if you got some more questions, feel free to post a comment and i’ll ask those who know.…I can see a line forming in front of the tackle shop now

Here is your video



oh yeah, I wonder why this crazy goat has his feet in the air? you will find that out soon 

although I don’t know how soon. Last night my 27IMac that is only few months old went poof..and never got power again. it took a lot of stuff with it and let see if Apple can hopefully bring it back to life otherwise the introduction of new videos might have to take a break for awhilejump

12 comments on “Introducing Van Staal new VR series reels

  1. CHris A

    Thanks Matt. I was looking for the diameter of each reel. With concept layout on custom rods it important to know that. I still dont know why reel company don’t put this in the specs of reels.

  2. Lionel Berthelon

    That a was a great video, cant get any planer then that, looks like this will be winner. To bad you didn’t mount one on a 9 or 10 foot surf rod.
    l guess that could be in an other video, any way thumbs up, on the info.

  3. luis cerritos

    nice reel. sorry to hear about the imac. the good thing is that just because its dosnt mean what ever is on the hard drive is gone. all that can be salvaged. hope you get it up and running soon

  4. Fishsurfer

    Hey Z, Is that a picture of you giving the VR your famous sand test? If so, how’d it fare? I already pre-ordered one, so please say it did well!

  5. Scott Jamieson

    Any further testing? I’m ready to pull the trigger on a VS X series or VR. Great forum.


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