Win a pair of Salt Life Optics, courtesy of Salt Life

Today’s giveaway will be a very special ones since we have not done something like this before but first, lets pick a winner of last week MEGA Charlie Graves Lures giveaway

One winner get ALL of this, the whole shebangz1234

And the winner is ..drum roll please …Nick Schiralli

Congrats Nick, you have 5 days to contact us at with your shipping address. (In case you wonder we use random number generator to spit out a winning # then we match it to the entry on our blog)

Today’s giveaway is for a par of Salt Life Polarized Sport Optics.

I have to tell you, besides my Costa’s, you will probably find me wearing my Salt Life Optics most of the time. There is no secrets here, their ZEISS lenses offer superior optical result with distinctive visual performance. What does that mean? That ZEISS has over 160 years of optical lens experience and if you ever get a chance to buy ZEISS lenses for your DSLR, don’t flinch, just buy it. For those connoisseurs of finer fair, you’ll be happy to know that they are Made in Italy

The winner walk receive a pair of  FUJI gloss black Salt Life Shades with smoke—blue  sense, courtesy of Salt Life. They come in a  handsome leather case and with  microfiber cleaning cloth.

You can check a whole line at

last but not least, this weekend only thought Monday, 35% OFF Mermaid shirts in SJ Online Store$23-now $16).Its our way of saying thanks..more videos coming next week including new Van Stall VR reel introduction20140924_142906_1024x1024

230 comments on “Win a pair of Salt Life Optics, courtesy of Salt Life

  1. Andy_K

    Congrats to the winner of the Charlie Graves metals, Nick Schiralli.

    Now for a fair crack at these optics… I most certainly in too, thanks Zeno!!


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