Montauk in May

I know many of you wonder, either out loud  or when you are alone, snuggled with your little blankey (don’t worry we won’t tell no one) about what is going on in Montauk in early May.

Are there fish there at all? Certainly it seems a little early. But you know that place is so fishy, if fish are already in Rhode Island then Montauk has to have few, no? What about the big ones? Any chance of catching those?

We don’t have the answers for you. We usually don’t have answers to most things you want to know. Hey we never claimed to be experts here.

But we know few who are experts. Like our buddy Surf Fishing Guide Extraordinaire Bill Wetzel. Who spends more time in the fall sleeping in his truck in the Montauk lot then he does at home. If you consider 20 minute nap between charters “sleep”.

Bill runs a great website Surf Rats Ball at and  within the website he runs one of  the best striped bass monthly contests on the east coast. With prizes to die for, shindig at the commencement with awards and food and a great time. Drop Bill a line at if you’d like more info about his services as a guide, his website or contest. Look for a ad on the contest in this upcoming issue

Anyway, without further distraction…here is the expert on topic. Another clip from our Seminar Series we conducted this winter


5 comments on “Montauk in May

  1. Greg Tucceri

    darters, darters, darters is there really any thing else, nothing beats the googan ghost SS,MVP in my bag for sure.

  2. pete f

    Those seminars are almost enough to make me move back to LI from VT, Yaa right
    I do appreciate the excerpts though.

  3. bunufish

    I like the way he just waves the rod around. i wonder if i can get away with using my surf stick as a pointer at one of my meetings =)


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