We know a good thing when we see one. That doesn’t mean that we have the time to devote all our attention to it….not if we want to remain married.

I am talking about a STRIPERTHON contest….For me personally the STRIPERTHON is a fantastic way to raise awareness about importance of sustainable fish stocks, encouragement of catch and release, having great photos to document your moment in the sun and a chance to win some great prizes.

I love all of it and I am(and I think if speak for all us at SJ) eternally grateful to our sponsors and supporters for not only providing prizes but also encouraging us to bring back the contest for this year.

The rules have not changed much and  yes a junior category is still there, once again sponsored by fine folks at Tsunami who donated a Tsunami Airwave rod of winners choice and a basket of lures.

We left the rules more or less the same as last year. After all, this contest to us is not about more readers or promotional opportunity for SJ, it’s about bringing awareness that catch and release is what we encourage. Most of you know my feelings on the subject of poaching, party and private boats and charter fleet. I wrote about it few months ago and yes, took some abuse for it. It’s ok, if the message that we are killing too many stripers is what people hear, it’s worth it.

We get concerned when a dear friend like Vito Orlando writes that he has had the worst April in 27 years. Can it be that water is too cold, his spots are not productive or he is just a tide late? Or maybe he just forgot how poor fishing used to be? We doubt that considering that man has written ever fish in the log we ever seen him catch. It’s just an experience of one man, but enough to give us some worry. Let’s hope his experience is an exception

Stay tuned for all the details but for now, to wet your appetite here is one of our prizes in STRIPERTHON 2011, a white custom surf bag by Tom at Commando fishing.

Here is his website where you can check out a whole line




New issue  of the Most Awesome Magazine in the universe is coming your way in few days

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8 comments on “STRIPERTHON 2011

  1. bdubbs

    Z. When does it start? And hes not alone…….were feeling the impact in south jersey as well. My numbers are down by about 100-120fish from where I should be right now…… But am proud to say I have released all of the fish I have caught so far this year….having a hard time justifying keeping one after what happened in nc this winter….

  2. CTMatt

    Very excited…bought a good WP camera just for the contest. Going to hit the surf even harder and study my spots…already caught probably tenfold over last spring yay!

  3. Raul

    bdubbs: I would like to know what happened at nc ( I am assuming is North Carolina) this winter.. Could you please alaborate?

  4. bdubbs

    yea what z said…. and it wasnt just a one time occurence it happend for multiple days over the course of the winter…. i forget where i read it but one of the NC fisheries people said something along the lines of it was the rec fishermans faults because they were out there to document the slaughter…. i dunno it just really got to me…

  5. Greg Tucceri

    Oh I can’t wait to to start sending pictures in. Would love another shot at taking that top prize what ever it may be.

  6. Rich m

    so what will be diferent,do i have to put thumb and pinky out? but first i need to get camera had my stupid expensive phone in pocket the other nite bluefish splashed up and down went water in to pocket dumb i know


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