Win a Belt Carabiner from Ebbpoint Surf Fishing

I usually try to stay away from blogging in the afternoon, if for no other reason than the fact that you will hate my guts for multiple emails in your inbox folder…now , if your SJ blog emails are ending up in your junk folder …well , give us your address so I can send  Tommy to give you a beating…besides, you are missing out on a chance to win some great prizes during our giveaways

Like this one, new Belt Carabiner from Ebbpoint Surf Fishing


New belt carabiner

 Available in Limited Supply from Ebbpoint Surf Fishing at

All type 316 Stainless Steel

-2″ x 2″ s/s plate

Mounts on all surf belts 

-Multiple uses when fishing surf or boat  

TIG Weld

Good luck ladies and gents and thank you Nick from Ebb Point Surf Fishing !

180 comments on “Win a Belt Carabiner from Ebbpoint Surf Fishing

  1. mark m

    I am in! Nick sent to me one the other day as a thank you gift for getting some eel skins for him. The clip is made very well and hard to get. I had been looking to find one for awhile, The lucky winner is going to very happy.


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