Issue # 6 of the Surfcaster's Journal Magazine is now live

We are proud to announce that issue # 6 is now live at

You will also find two new videos by clicking on a YouTube button in the story, one on a Unimog and one on how to clean and cook a skate with Chef Andrew.

Enjoy the read and remember, next issue is only 8 weeks away 🙂

btw…that issue will be nothing like you’ve ever seen before in a magazine

I bow my head once again to incredibly talented Art Director Tommy “YoDude” Corrigan …special thanks to and Charlie Sheen for inspiration

20 comments on “Issue # 6 of the Surfcaster's Journal Magazine is now live

  1. Chris G

    wow… this issue is amazing… so much quality material and great YouTube pieces to boot… Excellent job… can’t wait to read it cover to cover several times… love the old plug section…

  2. Chris A

    Great work Tommy, Zeno and SJ crew. The intro explained to me that you were the underdog but now you guys our the winners

  3. beret

    Z…it was nice to see you again,love the magazine. Your son is a great looking kid…….guess your wife must be pretty good looking….let me know if you hear anything about the home lands……..thanks..

  4. Jim H in RI

    Excellent job, Impressive photography. Now to read it and find all of Z’s typos… 🙂

    Congrats on another outstanding Surfcasters Journal issue.

  5. Charlie G.

    Z it was great chatting with you at the Berkley show and seeing that it is a family thing with your son at your side. I just paged thru the new issue and it is another winner. And glad to see the mag including more aspects of our sport like fly fishing. And a plug section.
    Keep it up and many more issues in the future I hope.

  6. Mike G

    Just browsed through it, speed reading a few of the articles. Gonna go back and reread it tonight. Looks great though. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to say hello at Asbury, didn’t get a chance to at Surf Day or Berkely.

  7. CTMatt

    Second time giving the words a good starin’ to…phew I think I am going blind lol! I have a bunch of favorite pics/articles! Great to see Fly Guys represented so I can learn a thing or two!

    I have a quick question in regards to Spring lure choices…

    What does Z/YoDude think about for plug choices? I know a lot of legends chimed in for their choices and Don Musso a few months back for the Fall run I believe…but what about two more legends for good measure? The Zoro of Surfcasting Zeno and the Master of Media Mayhem Tommy? I may have similar conditions in CT to Toby/Pat but I like to think outside the box and sometimes a go to plug has another identity in a different area/situation.

  8. Tommy

    I carry an old green canvas bag with the aluminum inserts in the first weeks of the season.

    1. I had a stretch of years where my first fish was always on choopy’s Little yellow needle(with the one belly hook).

    So that’s in there.

    2. Mag darter.

    That’s in there.

    3. The little bomber in chicken scratch (with vmc’s on it)

    That’s in there.


    4. Bunker Snag

  9. CTMatt

    Heeeeeeeeeeey thanks Tommy! In your best of I saw some of your summer gear…especially like your firetiger popper. Cool stuff thanks!

  10. woodwker99

    Just had a second to skim the new issue. looks like the best yet. I’m besides myself with anticipation. Love the coverage on the brit’s. can’t wait till I get home to read it in depth. You guys are winning!

  11. Mike L

    Great job guys,the best yet.Cooking,fly fishing,Legends spring lure choice and Flip WOW don’t know if you can top this.I had to add it to my favorites


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