Mild winter

I will not complain about temperature we are having. This is crazy, to be in the short sleeves shirt in middle of January but I will take it as I hate snow. But will the mild winter have an effect on the fishing this spring?
Some say that mild winter are bad for sand eel spawns. Some says that mild winter produce much more buggier conditions the following spring. Some say that mild winter are generally followed by poor fishing in the spring.
But I remember few years ago we had 95 degrees on my birthday in April. And we were chunking the Manhasset bas and getting bass in the 30 pound range just about every night. Big schools of bass gorging on bunker…and it started in March if not earlier.
Yes, i know worst is yet to come and there will be plenty of snow to shovel..i hope not

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14 comments on “Mild winter

  1. CTMatt

    Last year had an incredible amount of snow…things come in waves it seems.

    Only folks I see pissed are ice fishing folks…personally a few snow storms would be just fine.

  2. Jerry

    Sorry, Z. The groundhog saw his shadow so keep the snow shovel out. The rodent is never wrong, just like my wife. Never. He even looks like her sister.

  3. chuckg

    Maybe I’m all wrong since global warming has kicked in but I always believed that the water cycle would just keep on churning, that is, that if we did not get snow we would be in for an overabundance of rain or vice versa…

  4. John Nally

    seems like last year we had ton of snow and cold and it wasn’t a great sand eel year. we shall see. bugs probably will be an issue. I’ll take the bugs, you can keep the snow!

  5. mikec67s

    i was fishing last night it was gorgeous …….snow would sure makes the rocks slippery….snow shoes get caught in the rocks alot…..hmmmm…..what is a man supposed to do….wonder if they make corkers for snow shoes….bet they would weight 40 pounds a piece

  6. Bob Mirynowski

    Just got my first keeper bass ever in february on wed.night. This winter is just crazy! It felt like mid May, except for the 46 degree water.


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