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Winter Shows

Ever since cod and whiting disappeared from the NY Bight (a looong time ago), my interest in local winter fishing has been nil. Now, if I want to feel the tug on the end of the line, it’s either a few hours on the highway… or take to the friendly skies. The next best thing remains the fishing shows, and I am sure many of you are doing these as well.

We all have our reasons for going, but it’s different going to a show when (a) you have too much tackle already, and your wife has threatened to kill you if you bring just one more ”fish thing” home, and (b) you already have strong opinions on most products as it is – see (a) because you own most of it already.

But I am still entertained by a few of the characters, and I always hold out hope for that one rare find.

What is most interesting now is how some venders or representatives connect with the customers.

Many local types still have the personality of a bitpull – friendly to a familiar face – but almost barking at mere mortals who are always assumed to know so much less than the “top dog.”

Others see that they are there for a reason, and employ more creative means to draw attention.

First we have the “Hooters Approach” – Get a few girls in skimpy outfits to hold some fishing gear – any gear. Most guys will stop in, even if only a second – just to check out the, ahem, tackle, of course…ahem, just looking.

Next is the “Celebrity Approach” – Put an easily recognized face in front of a booth and watch a crowd gather. A few years ago I watched a famous TV fishing show host running between booths. One of the guys wanted to ask him a question, but the celeb complained he had to “go stand in from of another booth for the next half hour.” This really reinforced how deeply he felt about the products he was supposedly endorsing.

The most creative in recent memory might have been this past weekend at the Somerset NJ Fly Show. 

Late in the day, a company offering exotic trout fishing popped open a few bottles of “local” Argentina wine.

Sure…I love trout…And who doesn’t like the idea of a 20 pound trout?..And what if that 20 pound trout could be had on a fly rod? I braced myself for the hard sell.

But no rush… first we should drink some wine.

I think we were then judged to be in the “proper mood” for pictures

 – shot after shot of some top notch piscatorial porn a fly fisherman could dream up…shots underwater…clear water.. big rivers and swift mountain streams…all holding monster trout.

 …yes, and then a little more wine…

Then shots of the lodge…360 degree vistas…food…yes even a shot of a fully stocked wine bar.

OK, so now my I am looking……        JFK to EZE      …ahem, just looking.

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  1. MattS

    You missed the empanadas they had with the wine had the combined the two with hooters approach I’d be on a south bound plane right now!


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