Win a SubDarter and TA Clips

It’s time to play…name that picture. Yes , it’s our bimonthly feature where Surfcaster’s Journal staffers pick their favorite photographs in this issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine. This time, the job of picking his favorite shot fell to our esteemed editor Roger Martin.

You guess what Roger’s favorite shot it and you’ll win…..


This mojo Sub Darter from Tactical Anglers and a pack of their TA Clips which have taken over the surfcasting in recent years. Hey, great products sell itself. So here is your shot, post below the page you think Roger’s picture is located. You it guess correctly, and you win.

I will see some of you at my seminar at FCA headquarters in Staten Island tomorrow. If you are still on the fence I suggest you get down before you hurt yourself..or at least that is what my grandmother would

Seriously, come down for a breakfast and a bullchit session till noon. It should be a good time for a good cause


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100 comments on “Win a SubDarter and TA Clips

  1. CTMatt

    Dang I am waaay too late. I have this exact lure and I love it!

    I’m not in lol…best of luck to whomever nabs this…i have the exact same one!


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