MAK Surfcasting "Angler" Plug Bag

We haven’t seen these new $130 bags from our supporter MAK Surfcasting in person yet. But they look like a darn winner at that price point.

The info below is copied from Saltwater Edge Website in RI.

 Here is the link to the product page

like we said, we haven’t seen them in person yet but we though you should know about them


Mak Surfcasting is pleased to announce the introduction of MAK ANGLER, a new line of plug bags for the serious surfcaster.

The Angler Bag is Made in America, with the same quality construction as all the bags in the MAK Surfcasting line. Their new innovative design however, allows MAK to offer this new bag through retail outlets at an affordable price.

They start with a single layer of 9oz Dacron fabric for strength, and hook resistance. The bag has 6 inches of Industrial Strength Velcro on the main flap, and convenient Velcro tips to hold your side flaps out of the way when accessing your plugs. The bottom of the bag is reinforced with 3 strips of 2″ belt webbing to protect against wear and tear. The seams and binding, as in all MAK bags, are double stitched, with an additional 4 rows of stitching on the corners, and additional backstitching at all stress points.

The thread is an important component of the bags. They use a bonded polyester thread known for its high strength, stability in sunlight, and resistance to heat, abrasion, salt water and mildew. The bottom of the bag has 5 solid brass grommets for quick drainage, with additional grommets in the side pockets. Two belt loops secure the bag in place on your belt, and of course, it also has an adjustable shoulder strap attached with double buckle loops and multiple layers of stitching at all attachment points.

On the inside, they have included bucktail slots, an closed pocket for leaders or other terminal tackle, an open pocket for soft plastics, along with four strong, but flexible tubes for your plugs.

* Two side pockets with secure flaps, and brass grommets for drainage.
* 2 inch wide, high strength nylon, adjustable shoulder strap.
* Double belt loops, and to secure your bag to your belt.
* 5 Solid Brass grommets in the bottom of the main bag for quick drainage.
* Our main cover has 6 inches of Industrial Strength Velcro on the interior to prevent any inadvertent opening.
* Large side flaps, that overlap to protect the contents, with convenient Velcro tips to hold them out of the way when accessing your plugs.
* On the inside, we have a 6 loop bucktail holder, a closed pocket on the main flap, and an additional 8 inch open pocket for storing Slug-Gos, Rubber Shads, and other similar artificial baits.
* This bag includes a four tube set of our 2 3/4 inch round x 8.5 inch tall tubes. The perfect size to hold plenty of your best plugs. These tubes are durable, flexible, and include a plastic bottom cap containing holes for quick drainage.
* 1 year Warranty



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we are just playing with your head 🙂


Have a  Nice Weekend…catch them up!


15 comments on “MAK Surfcasting "Angler" Plug Bag

  1. CTMatt

    Man if these come in a 3 tube that would be awesome! Good to see some premium materials in a reasonable pricepoint for the mere mortals of the surfcasting community lol.

    Z/Tommy you gave me a friggin’ headache reading that disclaimer!

  2. johnz

    My buddy picked one of these bags up for me at M&D’s during the big sale in March. I haven’t used it yet, but it seems very well made for a bag at this price point. It’s plenty big to hold enough plugs and tins and is small and light enough that you won’t have one shoulder hanging lower than the other at the end of the night.

  3. Don Brown

    I recently bought one at fishermen’s supply in Point Pleasant New Jersey.I have only used it a few times since i bought it a week and a half ago so far I really like the bag.For a 130 bucks you cant go wrong.Its very well made and as soon as you handle the bag you know right away its worth the money.Don’t get me wrong its not as well made as there high end bag’s but again for the money you’ll be very happy to have it.Its rugged and sturdy.I can tell that will last a long time.It comes with a one year warranty on it.

  4. Rob G

    It looks great, but one little thing I see that will be an issue for me is no D Rings to clip it to your belt. With a bad back, those are a life saver.

  5. woodwker99

    Nice bags… and the disclosure would have been funnier if it included side effects…. like loss of sleep, obsessional fish tails, having to own every plug, lure, reel, rod, line that you lay eyes on…. oh wait that’s just me… But really … nice bags.

  6. mark m

    They are nice, but the cloth is not doubled like the Aquaskinz Elite Hunter bags(does not tear up), which IMHO are the best priced for a semi custom bag on the market with all the bells and whistles. The Aquaskinz also comes in a huge variety of bags & accessories for any application.

  7. PA Matt

    I’m a little late to the party here, but I wanted to add my first-hand experience. I got one of these bags from Edge and used it for the fist time last week. Very sturdy, nice features, loops in the rear for belt attachment, plenty of space but not too big, and it’s light-weight (big +). My only detraction is the shoulder strap is not removable…may need to customize a bit, but that’s nothing new. For someone like me, who likes to fish seriously but can’t do it 100 days a year, this hit’s the mark.


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