Got gas?

I was going to ask this question beforew, but my buddy JohnR from  (one of my  favorite internet fishing forums) beat me to it…you guys should visit and say hi

Anyway, with the risk of being redundant…what effect do you guys thing this oil price surge will have on your fishing this year if it stays this way? Will you fish less? Closer to home? No changes?

I just drove 1200 each way to Florida last week because I refused to get robbed by an airline….well, we did saved some money which we used to book a fishing charter BUT my kids insistence of taking my Suburban had a negative effect…I felt I was getting robber by gas stations. Every fill up between $90 and $100 and there were many…so i do feel your pain

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  1. frank

    now i find myself thinkg twice when deciding where to fish,how often to fish during the week, and whether or not i should try more than one area during a single fishing trip….but the thinking stage has not moved to a limiting action yet…frank

  2. ScottS

    We are lucky enough to where this nothing more than a sticker shock. There are those who this is really affecting thier lives. These speculators are to blame again, and will hurt all of us at some point, be it mental or financial.

    I will be fishing the same as always. I look forward to the spring run here in NJ all year. If I had to, I would look to other ways to save money to go fill up.

  3. Jim Hill

    It will effect my fishing.The distance to where I fish then driving from spot to spot.I will definateloy cut back.Trying now to hook up with some guy’s from around me to carpool down to the beach and share gas costs.This might be my only solution.

  4. mark m

    The gas prices & cigarette tax got me to stop smoking. I am saving money now and feeling a lot better. I love to fish, but I have started to car pool with different friends to hit spots farther than home. I figure I can cut back on some things, but not my passion for fishing.

  5. Rich B.

    I definitely will not be making as many trips to Long Island this season as I have in years past. I simply can’t afford it. It’s a 65 mile one-way trip for me to Moses, for example. I even drive a Honda Civic; I don’t know how you guys with the big trucks manage this. Instead, I’ve been fishing a lot more local freshwater, which has been really heating up lately.

  6. Juan

    Im in NNJ so my trips will be a little more strategic as far as the shore and bay are concerned. But my trips through my urban dwellings hasnt changed. No need to travel far S when the fish are moving thru my area.

  7. Karl

    Most my fishing is local in NJ and those times we travel – we will go anyway. I’ll notice the cost difference I’m sure but we will still fish the same

  8. Finatic

    I think this year I will not be chasing birds as much, cancel the run n gun type and settle in more on drifting, trolling tube and worm and just anchoring and enjoying where I am and what I’m doing. I don’t need a full freezer, lord knows I could survive a long time on just my body fat. Time to just enjoy the sport with friends.

  9. Bob

    We should be happy that futures traders can manipulate the price of commodities like gas. After all the government supports big oil so they think we should too even at the expense of economy and the people of this country. For those people with boats, marine fuel will be easily over $5 per gallon on the water. We all complain about it but why are we letting them get away with it. We hear all the lies about the unrest in the middle east but there IS plenty of oil as long as we are willing to pay the price for it and they the oil companies are not going to stop shipments of oil at these prices. Too much profit to loose. For those of you who remember the Arib oil embargo in the late 70’s and early 80’s with gas lines around the block because of short supplies. Then the press showed tankers loaded with crude sitting just outside ports creating the shortage to raise the price. When oil prices were high in 2008, people started to complain and the government started an investigation then all of a sudden the price of oil dropped like a rock and the investigation stopped. Guess what, they are doing the same thing again. Just wait till the oil companies post their profits.

  10. Anthony

    I’ll fish just as much (probably more) but I will think about which car/truck to take. I wont take the speedy car which gets 10mpg or the Land Cruiser which gets 14mpg to Long Island (120 miles round trip). I’ll drive the winter beater that gets 30 mpg and park in a lot instead of on the beach. Even when we’re on the boat I think we’ll be drifting and anchoring a lot more than trolling and staying close to home in the backbays instead of looking for fish outside Jones Inlet. My cousin just filled up the boat and paid $5.25 a gallon. This is going to seem cheap when summer prices roll around and party boats and charters are going to have to raise rates. The cost of everything is going to go up.

  11. Raven

    After reading many blogs on the Subject of Higher fuel prices and who’s to blame….what the solutions are whether it be electric cars,the end of speculation,alternate fuels…ect.

    I’ve come to realize that the only way to fight it is “to do it ourselves” and that no one else can be relied on to do it for us.

    So make sure that you car is full of people and you’ve cut your price per gallon in half, thirds, or quarters and reduced the demand simultaneously.

  12. Backlash

    I think it will make all fisherman more conscious about being more efficient when planning thier time along the beach. Spectulation trips and scouting will be cut back to save fuel. Spending more time closer to home will increase. Montauk on a whim, not so much. Maximizing trips will be the norm until prices level out or come down.

  13. Big Wern

    A good hedge against higher fuel prices is to buy stock in oil companies, they are highly correlated. This will ease some of your pain at the pump.

  14. Sudsy

    When you combine the price with the huge increase in tax on diesel fuel I’m going to be passing on two road tips I was planning and will be sticking around home

    We’re all getting hammered by this hidden tax, everything you buy and all the parts that make up those items are shipped via diesel fuel – layers of tax that are passed along to the consumer, who doesn’t even realize it more often then not (you can tell I’m POed by the whole issue)

    When I bought the truck diesel fuel was less then regular, now it’s much more than premium.

  15. Adam

    Gonna miss fishing with my dad on Sunday , it’s the first fluke opener I’ve ever missed. It’s gonna cost too much to drive out the marina & back.

    I work with a guy who was employed in Nigeria for an oil company, he told me it costs oil companies 7 to 10 dollars a barrel to get the crude out of the earth & ship it to refineries. The oil company & the Nigerian government split the profit 55 -45.

  16. Tyson

    I am cutting back on my trips to the south shore of LI. Why fish out there when the fishing is just as good in the western sound during the spring. If the price drops by the fall then I’ll be fishing the south shore run or fishing days I know that I will be in the game.

  17. Armand (Rhode Island Popper)

    Hi Zeno et all. I think it’s going to have a pretty sizable impact on my business this year because not only do we have a big surfcasting line but a good part of our business is the offshore lures and they are gonna take a hit this year because fewer people are gonna be heading offshore. So build up your supply of Surfplugs ;).



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