Storm Fishing Part II

First some good news/bad news mix

The good news

Winner of the Bomber Long Shot lures giveaway is Montauk Gal

Congrats and thanks to people from Bomber Lures. The winner has 5 days to contact us at

















Bad new is that my Canon XA-10 camera went to craper last weekend in Montauk. Trying to get a footage in pouring rain is not a good idea I guess. Its really bugging me as it was a gift from my wife and most expensive piece of video gear I ever purchased. Its on the way to Cannon but it looks like water got in and that means it might be done. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to fish the rest of the fall. Sorry guys, I thought we had stuff lined up for you watch this winter













Part II

After not making any headway for awhile I finally got the fish to move. It was zooming up and down the cove, using the pushing current against me. I would have swore it was snagged but no, a 17 pounder hooked in the mouth. Never got my ass kicked liked that before by a teen size fish. But then again, that fish looked like it could have eaten all other fish I caught that day.

I got to Camp Hero around 5 after feeding Silver Fox with some pizza. Poor guy was coming down with a cold and he passed out in his van in the short order. I could have too, after walking for miles and casting my butt off, but I told him I will take a peak at south side first .

As I got to Camp Hero tide was just about the start flooding. Those perched on lead rocks on the reef in right position were all hooked up as long as they were in proper relation to the way water was breaking. The other half just looked and scratched their heads. I said screw it, might as well suit up again for the fourth time and I drove to lower parking lot. Within ten minutes I was on the lead rock in front of rat hole banging little tiny bass. I think I got nine before again, the bite inexplicably shut off. At this point the sun has set and I jumped off the rock and waded to my car. Fully dressed I drove to the weed bowl, grabbed a rod and went under the bluff.

There I found Mr. Surf Guide Bill Wetzel and his charter. After exchanging pleasantries I let Bill take the better rock, courtesy to old-timers is important..haha

I managed three more tiny fish in about a hundred cast before I retired for the evening and went to Vito’s cottage to watch Giants demolish Washington. By 10 PM I was back in the lot, sleeping in my truck, convinced that bigger fish will be there in the dark in the morning. Or at least I was told that

We shall see

Friday morning I made sure I grabbed my rock of choice early in the dark. I managed 3 fish before it got light and then two fish afterwards but by dawn the lousy bite was totally done. I grabbed a cup of coffee and walked deep into the south side. I swore that the water looked BETTER then yesterday. But the sun was out and wind was dying. I managed a schoolie in the cove and then went onto a reef where I spent a good two hours casting into the craziest white water without a bump. Finally in early afternoon I gave up , grabbed a snack and went to Camp Hero. Vito and Frankie were plying their craft at the rat hole and after getting dared by Vito to take my drone out in the still windy conditions, I did. I bothered them for a little bit by zooming it around their heads until I was joined by Ron D from ZeeBaaS Reels. I asked him if he was fishing or taking pictures and he said he’d like to fish. All right then, I put the gear back on and we walked into the south side at sunset. At first spot we got our asses kicked and could not hold rocks on incoming swells. I really was not that confident that we would find any fish but Ron was a guest so off we went. We followed great Vito’s advice to “fish the corners” and sure enough Ron landed a feisty striper on a bucktail. At this point I was shot and done and could have gone to dinner BUT the sight of his fish got me all worked up. I switched to a lighter bucktails and managed to nail 6 fish within an hour by just letting waves carry my bucktail into the cove. I unhooked each fish without a light. We were standing on a sandy beach and guys were constantly passing by, no doubt, looking for The Fisherman or Paulies tourney winner. Around 9 o’clock my bucktail got walloped and when I set the hook I told Ron “this is better fish that we been catching, at least I know my drag is functional”


It took a little effort to get it out of rocks in front of us and the heave did not help either but I landed it with no issues, just a hair short of 20 pounds. Few shots with camera and off in the drink it went. We cast a little bit, then onto Murphy’s for a dinner and then sleep. We actually got up and rushed to Kings for sunrise, figuring we might get some shots when we found not a SINGLE guy fishing the first of the incoming. That was strange. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that in the fall.

But that’s it. I had video but it went to hell with my camera and now I will be on pins and needles until Canon calls me. And sick as a dog to boot. Where is that DayQuill?

Until next Nor’easter



7 comments on “Storm Fishing Part II

  1. Jim M.

    Very cool trip, thanks for posting. Been hammered by family and work and it’s good to hear how’s things at the point. Catch ’em up, and good luck with the Canon!

  2. andy_k

    Great write up thanks Zeno. Serious shame about the camera. I just hope Canon are abl;e to revive it for you without too heavy a cost hitting your wallet!


  3. Tommy S

    To bad van staal doesn’t make cameras. Next time you invest big bucks
    On a camera, spend good money on the right housing. Thx for sharing bud

  4. zhromin Post author

    housing for xa 10 will cost you about 3 k or about twice as much as camera. Might as well buy 2 and throw in in the trash when you are done


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