Lou Caruso on St Croix Mojo

I am sure there are some of you out there still reading the new issue…and I am also sure that many of you do not know that the YouTube button in the article signals that we have video to compliment the piece
like this St Croix Mojo review by our Rod Guru

7 comments on “Lou Caruso on St Croix Mojo

  1. CTmatt

    I am curious to hear what Lou thinks specifically of the guides and if he feels if they are “good enough” for that blank or if true high end Alconites or other guides are a better choice down the road. Zirconiums are great and everything but I think it is the only weak spot of the rod if there is one. I should just shoot him a message I guess.

  2. Charlie G.

    Thanks for the review Lou. I have the legend and love it. I just wish StCroix made an 11ft Legend and Mojo surf rod which would handle 2oz to 6oz.


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