Best $19.95 you ever spent on fishing

From a brilliant mind of John Skinner, author of A Season on the Edge
a PC (or MAC) log software so easy even a caveman can do it, yet so powerful with analytics, its scary.
Kind of like John who speaks softly and carries a big stick
Its probably , imho, the best $20 you will ever spend on your “habit” and that is for a lifetime license. Not only that but you also get a 7 day free trial to see if you like it.
You owe yourself to check it out
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8 comments on “Best $19.95 you ever spent on fishing

  1. Ryan Matejik

    I have been using it ever since it came out and it is a great program to use. Its super easy to use. Great program!!!!

  2. Keith Alexander

    I have been using for about 4 months now , and its great . I wish it was out two years a go ,alot of data to punch it

  3. inthesuds

    After years of trying different paper formats, and never getting a full season’s worth of logged experience, I got John’s program. Despite all the rave’s, when you get and use it, you will find that it is even better than what everyone claims it to be. That’s because you actually use it…

    It is powerful and so simple in it’s interface that I have looked forward to logging my outings. All my old semi-logs have value as I have summarized in my journal, the backbone of which is notes from lectures and books, etc. My journal has let me ‘back build’ the log. Despite admittedly thin data I have already discovered a pattern that has been helpful to me.

    Truly a great piece of work.

    Thanks to John and to you Z for ‘getting it out’.

  4. pistol pete

    I have noticed a pattern that if I fish more often, I catch more fish than if I stay home… The rest is kind of blurry… I hope to buy this to help solve some of the rest

  5. Mike Went

    Z this is the best 20 bucks you can spend!!! I bought it sometime in the spring or summer and logged in all my older logs and has helped me plan for more productive trips this fall and has also debunked a lot of myths that I hear from others that I network with and sometimes fish with.


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