Great show on tap this weekend… and new SJ Gear

I have few videos that I did over the years that I haven’t showed you. Why? Mostly out of fear of embarrassment…because they suck. But then today I was looking over the video about how I make the head for a rigged eel hook and I realized that….the video still sucks. I talk a mile a minute…however I also realized some of you might find this information useful. And if I can help even one guy, then my job is done.

Note a short sleeve polo shirt (Thanks Harv) and date it was uploaded YouTube, September 6th of last year. But it’s been locked up for for 6 months for  before mentioned reasons. Progression of a video googan

Also a note with this video. If it sounds like I came up with this concept, I did not. Our Editor Roger Martin clued me into this. I just use different epoxy but he gets the props from me for the idea. Where did he get an idea, you will have to ask him. Maybe one day he will write a blog post of a article in SJ on all the things him and Al Bentsen screwed around ,trying to make it better over the years.


Oh, yes, for those off you that are attending Asbury Park Fishing Club show this weekend, you will have a first shot on these limited edition t-shirts we made this week, just for the show. Only a dozen or so in large,xl and 2xl were made so stop by the SJ table in Asbury this Sunday and pick one and support your favorite magazine. While supply lasts.

SJ Time and Tide T-Shirt

100% Cotton Heather Grey T-shirt

 With weathered navy blue printing on left chest and back.

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19 comments on “Great show on tap this weekend… and new SJ Gear

  1. mark d

    Can anyone out there tell me if it is possible to download SJ to a laptop. I work at sea…no internet.


  2. Richard aka Woodwker99

    Z great tip. you can see your editing improvement, but over all a good video with good info’. But I gotta ask…. Zip ties? Didn’t you do a video against them? or am I thinking about someone else?
    either way this is still a good how to vid’.

  3. Iverfish

    I’m about 3500 miles west of you…
    Let me know if you ever decide to make some more of those shirts.
    I would take two in size large.

  4. Zeno Post author

    you guys are now you guys should know that we do everything on shoestring ,,,,lmao

  5. Zeno Post author

    Iverfish..whatever is left will go in online store on monday..if they sell out we might consider doing another run and stock the store..its hard to manage all of this while we are working on the new issue

  6. joe r

    i will be sure to try that style rigging. ive been looking for a new way other than a knot ball…thanks z

  7. Mike

    Awesome video, I may be the “one guy” you aimed to help, but guarantee others found this useful. You’re destined for sainthood in the big suds box in the sky. Thanks for all that you and your team do…

  8. Rob Kretzer

    2x here! this is getting as bad as my plug habbit!! now I want a hoody with that on the back, like the front. was gonna suggest that to you last week. great job as always Z and tommy.

  9. harv

    short sleve polo ? was dat my idea? the black t shirt is awesome! i didnt realize the eyes were fish hooks untill i uploaded photo of shirt to face book & got 20 likes in 3 minutes. the heather gray t shirts made for asbury also look great. good work kahuna

  10. Moses

    Great video Z! That’s a great tip. It’s easier than soldering some copper wire to the hook. Thanks for sharing.

  11. cwfish

    Z, there is no bad videos when there is good tips shared like that.
    Hope to make the show in Asbury and get in on the shirts.


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