John Skinner’s new book, The Fisherman Show, White Water Outfitters event and more

Today’s Blog will be a mix of news. New issue is coming after the weekend
. I just wanted to mention continually perplexing reports about low attendances at these ASMFC hearing. Why I have no idea. No excuses later if we don’t try now. Anyway, we got news from Skinner, The Fisherman and White Water. For all of you that are coming to show on Thursday, we will have brand new shirts. Unfortunately after waiting for days to get a visual i can show you I had to move along with this blog post. Update forthcoming when I get it. Check out this spiffy cover design by SJ own Tommy Corrigan
Btw…i guess with my son at college now we need anofficial video “intern”…seriously, I do need some help with basically holding camera and monitoring the sound so if someone is willing to hook up on weekends in jones beach area or during the week drop me a line at….
By John Skinner
Around 18 months ago I decided to write another book. The overwhelmingly positive response to how I did Fishing the Bucktail was a strong motivator. I decided I would use that same style to do a comprehensive brain dump on how I approach striper fishing from the shore. I also set out to acquire and organize video to support the aspects of the book that could be enhanced with video. For example, I’ll write about pencil popper fishing in great detail, but the ability for me to show you what I’m writing about and for you to watch how fish react to the technique is beyond what anyone can accomplish with the written word alone. The book’s title is “Striper Pursuit”. Its companion website,, will presents the videos organized by chapters. QR codes are embedded in the book so that people with smartphones and tablets can scan barcodes to watch videos pertaining to the portions of the book they’re reading. My targeted release date is November 1. is pretty far along, so feel free to check it out. Most of the video is in place, and the rest will be there upon the book’s release. The nice thing about having the website to support the book is that I’ll be able to add to it as I acquire additional relevant video. I’m pretty excited about the whole idea of enhancing the book’s 200+ pages with well-organized and targeted video. Here’s the first public look at the cover! Nice work by Tommy Corrigan!
White Water Outfitters…Hampton Bay NY
THE 2014 FALL KICKOFF – September 13, 2014Well folks…We are ready to have a little more fun like we did for our grand opening. Now we have the 2014 FALL KICKOFF on September 13, 2014. Come on down to White Water Outfitters for another day of fun, food, prizes/giveaways, reel and rod demos and store specials. Store opens at 5am!– 15% – 20% OFF Almost Everything In The Store
– 20% OFF Pre-Built Custom Rods
– Purchase A Van Staal and Receive 2 FREE Super Strike Lures and FREE Braid

– Purchase anything in the store and automatically receive a raffle ticket for prizes
– Win A Custom Lamiglas Surf Rod
– Win Big Game Giveaways
– Win Surfcasting Giveaways
– Win Boat Fishing Giveaways

Again….Going to be a great day to bring in the 2014 Fall Season for all fisherman. Come for food, store specials, and an overall great time!

and of course The Fisherman Show


9 comments on “John Skinner’s new book, The Fisherman Show, White Water Outfitters event and more

  1. Jeremy

    Also I could not get a ride to my local meeting and I still feel guilty as hell. Too many family commits. Writing letters though! I am up by Bangor. Anyone want to carpool to a meeting let me know please I will pay gas.

  2. Jon


    Just reading over your blog for today and wanted to say “thank you” for the great fix you provide for those of us that can’t get out on the water as much as we would like. Also, for keeping the drum beating about the ASMFC hearings.
    Because of the information you have posted, I realized that I would not be able to make the meeting in Maryland, so I took the info provided in your blog post on contacting the ASMFC and wrote to the head of the ASMFC charged with collecting comments on the proposed options. Thanks for your efforts and for the great posts!

  3. fishinthedark

    Looking forward to John’s new book no doubt, he is truly a man amongst boys when it comes to catching fish;John has been gifted with the great ability to be a proficient at communicating his methodologies, again can’t wait

  4. woodwker99

    I can’t wait for the new book I have all his others and have learned so much from them and his videos.. I still can’t wait till he lets out his secret for catching bass in rain puddles…. You know he can..

  5. meyogi

    John- congrats on the new book, I’m sure its going to be a quick sell out and have to be reprinted. I for sure will have to pick one up.
    On another note , can someone please explain what the difference is from a pre-built custom rod from the rod next to it in the rack. Would that be like buying a suit that needed alterations or hopefully one that fits? YOGI

    1. sioca

      meyogi: I’ll give it a shot…

      It could mean that this rod was “SPECIFICALLY” made (Custom Designed) for – someone else – other than you by a rod builder such as Lou’s Custom rods or rh Custom Rods but not by a company (a mass produced model).


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