Win a pair of new KVD by Mustad Braid Cutting Pliers, Lanyard and Shears

Of all the crazy thing we do while surfcasting, from hopping rocks to fighting waves, dead batteries in most unlikely places, one thing that frustrates me the most is re-tying stuff on the rock in the middle of the night. Yeah, I could definitely use pair of glasses but most of the time is the line that wraps itself around all the places it shouldn’t. The funny part is, if I get the tying process right the first time, I am done in less then a minute. But if I inexplicable lose my line or have a hard time cutting lose braid…trouble usually follows.

I’ve meet a LOT of guys who carried nail clippers to cut mono, back in the

Some probably still do although I am having a hard time cutting braid not under tension with pliers, never mind nail clippers. But I think I found an answer to my little incompetence issue and it came as courtesy of this year ICAST 2014 in Orlando Florida.

I received these Braid Cutting shears from Mustad and I thought you’d get a kick out of them and many of you might prefer to see the product on video instead of static picture.

And since we always share the spoils with our readers, we will also give one of you a chance to win these Mustad KVD Braid Cutting Shears. After you watch the video you’ll understand why I think this is a neat product for surfcasters..and only around ten bucks or so

[youtube width=”525″ height=”400″][/youtube]

250 comments on “Win a pair of new KVD by Mustad Braid Cutting Pliers, Lanyard and Shears

  1. Darren

    Definitely can do with a pair of these doesn’t matter what time of day or night standing out in the ocean when the fish are on the chew

  2. John Copen

    Zeno, Thanks. Question. You mentioned some pliers are designed to cut a hook in worst case scenario. I have been looking for a good hook cutter for emergency use to keep in my truck. The standard shears simply don’t fit the bill. Can you recommend one?


    Tight lines

    John Just one more cast Copen

  3. Charlie Oat

    I’m In. Heading to Block for Annual PJ Theve
    Memorial Striped Bass Tourney with
    a Band of Bass Brothers. 20 plus years.
    Having a bit of trouble cutting braid with my teeth.
    Help me out, before I break another.
    Cheers, Guys.

  4. TedC

    I love the product reviews on this site– i was sold last year on the kvd split ring pliers. I’ll be picking a pair if these at some point as well! Thanks as always SJ for great info!


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