You guys rock…

I hope you guys are enjoying the new issues of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine. We really busted our butts last week and I want to again that all the contributors for their contributions and especially Tommy for really turning it up the notch with a design. He never ceases to amaze me with his talents.

I on the other hand have no talents, I am just as persistent as a Dalmatian donkey. What I lack in skills I make up in effort. To show you just how insane last two weeks have been, we got a Mac almost a week and a half ago and I managed to sit down in 10 days exactly once to push the power button. This is why I offered to someone to come over and go over this thing  for me…I know they have classes at the store I just don’t have time to schedule something

Then yesterday, for some inexplicable reason, just as we finished uploading the magazine more than 600 old emails, some as old as 6 months ago came rushing in my mailbox….WTF…I called Optimum and all they can tell me there was no problem on their end and to try disable leaving the copy of the email on their server…by the time I got home yesterday I got overt 1700 old emails on my PC and of course same 1700 on my  Droid…you want to deal with 3400 emails and make sure you don’t miss any important ones? On a day our new issue debuts? Holy crap what a disaster…but by afternoon they stopped…do you think other publications are attacking us, trying to drown us in emails?…..lmao…just kidding

 On the way to seminar, tonight I will sit down and just enjoy listening to Manny Moreno talks. The dude is without-a-doubt in my opinion the best surfcaster I fish alongside…ever….Sorry, I don’t mean to put anyone down, I have a lot of respect for many people I fished with over the years…but that is my opinion and has been my opinion for a long time…and you know what they say about the opinions…:-)

For Christ sake when we go places we look at rocks in the middle of a freaking ocean and we say “that’s Manny’s” rock...I never said that about anyone else. Most of us don’t have balls to even try getting to those rocks in daytime…I said most of us, calm down. I can see a itchy keyboard fingers already. The best part is, you might fish a whole night along side of him and you will never know he was there. The light will never go on, the word will never be spoken…no wonder we call him the “Surf Ghost”

Another thing that is on my mind that I just have to share ….is saying thanks. Thank you to the dude who walked up to me at Berkley show, stuck money in my hand and said” I always wanted to make a donation to SJ for all you guys do but it always slip my mind”. Thanks to many of you who sent us five or fifty bucks, I know you guys prefer to remain anonymous but I wanted to thank you. We will use your donation wisely to improve the Journal.

We have something in works that will blow your mind and then we have some ideas for magazine that will keep you chained to a PC for hours. Wait till you see the May issue and let’s see if you can finish it in one sitting 🙂

I know video buttons get lost a little bit in magazine layout. We have explored the platform where we can embed the video into the magazine but we found cost ridiculously prohibitive for our budget.

So here is SJ Chef De Cuisine Andrew Chase, showing you how to clean and cook a skate. I ate the thing after it was done….it was absolutely delicious !!!


15 comments on “You guys rock…

  1. GoFsh

    Great vid! Thanks soo much for the time and creativity. I can see skate becoming endangered in the near future.

  2. nycsteve

    Thanks for the video. For me, seeing something like this done gives way more confidence that just reading. Theres no shortage of skates, I’ll be trying this in the spring.Thanks AC .

  3. Vito Orlando

    Z, your right on the money about Manny. I have always told anyone who would listen that I thought Manny was one of the best Fishermen to ever cast from the Kelp covered Rocks of Montauk, and any other place.


  4. PA Matt

    That was a terrific vid. From the knife to the plate, and it looked delicious. Skates are no longer safe with me!

  5. Charlie G.

    Z I want to thank you and Andrew for doing this video. Loved it. And now I am going to finally try eating one of them ugly monsters this year thanks to you two. I hope thousands of other fisherman do to, maybe we can cut down on the numbers of those critters and save the life of a bass if skates taste as good as it looked in the video.

  6. Geo67

    Great job on #6 to the whole crew. I am really like seeing chef Andrew’s creations each issue. I am still waiting for a good recipe for “skunk”.

  7. Philip Brill

    Outstanding issue. Completely over the top. Award Winning.
    Text, Photography, Content, Layout really held my interest.
    Thanks for you dedication, vision, and hard work It’s much appreciated.

  8. jlankford

    I cant believe thats the Andrew i took Skishing for the first time…I never knew he was a chef..shame on me for not asking…Great job Andrew and I look forward to fishing with you this Spring


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