Issue #14 of Surfcaster’s Journal magazine is up


For your reading pleasure at


Cover Photo by ZeeBaaS Guru Ron D…..where else but Cuttyhunk


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17 comments on “Issue #14 of Surfcaster’s Journal magazine is up

  1. Zeno Post author

    Try refreshing your browser…it does not appear to be us…works fine on all our pc and mac

  2. achase

    Second to the pictures you took (which I enjoy every-time I open my desktop)I couldn’t have wanted a better souvenir of that fish! Thank you for the story; I hope others will appreciate it as much as I did.
    Be well,
    Andrew Chase

  3. Ted C

    Looking forward to getting on my pc so i can soak this in. Love the day when the new issue of SJ comes out. Thanks everyone involved!!

  4. Richard aka Woodwker99

    Just thumbed through it. love it! Can’t wait to read every word. I did stop to read the stories about the late Tim Coleman Nice tribute.

  5. Don R

    Great magazine!

    Once again you got me in trouble with the boss, dang lunch hour isn’t long enough:)

  6. Robert McCarthy

    Great issue, photo and storie are all good!
    Andrew is one of a few people I run into in the middle of the night.
    He fish hard, well deserved


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