Bunker, bunker and more bunker (and a new video)

Interesting morning today to say the least. First of all, I had company over till 3 AM and getting up in the morning after few beers was……errr, challenging?

Yeah, lets call it that

By the time I got on the beach, all my boys were already in the water. Or at least I assumed they were because they were NOT returning texts. I kind of knew approximate area where they were but I was going to go waaaaay west BUT why are they not returning calls? They might be into fish?

I did find them 20 minutes later and about a hundred other guys lined up throwing bunker snags. At first i just watched, wishing I did not left my main camera home. Then I’ve seen few fish in 20b range came up so I ran to the water with my waterproof Lumix to take a shot of a guy unhooking a nice fish only to find that battery was 100% dead.

Not my day to be a cameraman I guess

So I suited up and cast a snag and cast and snag and cast and snag……except I could not snag a bunker if my life depended on it. Proficient at this, I am not. Finally after what it seem like an hour of casting I put a snag into one…now what? I kind of knew what am I supposed to do but I never practiced snag and drop before.just not my thing but these fish wanted no part of plugs.

Kind of reminded me of chunking but with live bait instead. I was petrified if I got a fish I might gut hook the darn thing, being a virgin at this.

Two minutes later I felt line come tight, I dropped the tip and set the hook.

And here is a result. The new VS VR proto did a splendid job if I might say as I know many of you will wonder…and the Century Noreaster too. Love that rod (thanks Lou for recommendation)

Included a little over/under and assist from Silver Fox. Good friends are hard to find. Hug yours today.

I am putting this video just for the readers of the blog. Its not listed on youtube so don’t share it. I figured you guys deserve a little treat[youtube]https://youtu.be/ysAeRBNcRes[/youtube]


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6 comments on “Bunker, bunker and more bunker (and a new video)

  1. Chris

    Don’t you dare complain. I was the guy standing next to you when you finally snagged that bunker. You hooked up on your first friggin snag!! I was there for over 900 cast it seemed snagging only 15 or so bunker hooking up once and landing 0. So statistically you are a friggin rock star as far as I’m concerned. 🙂

    1. Zeno Hromin Post author

      you are too kind but you know i am right. I never struggled with anything fishing related more than that today
      ok, maybe fly fishing

  2. Paul

    Great Video,

    This happened to me recently tons of bunker, not many Stripers on them. The only thing that worked was a heavier treble hook to let it sit on the bottom.

    Even that was not too productive, but I pulled a keeper out.


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