Ideas, winners and comfortable clothes

First, the winner of those sweet Guppy Pencil Poppers is Stephen S …

Ok, I hope this dude responds to within 5 days with his shipping address

As I was reading your replies regarding the Guppy Pencil giveaway where we asked you what is your favorite part of the current issue, and I had an epiphany of sorts. I know you guys probably have few questions that you would like to ask the columnists yourself. Dave Anderson got a quite a few thumbs up on his plug color article, didn’t he? It would be neat to have those guys share their ideas or thoughts here on the blog. After all, who wants to listen to me ? Not I.

So we hooked each columnist up with a username and blog access which mean that they can all blog if they choose to. Will they? I have no idea but if they want it, they can. I know, I should have thought about this before.

Now something weird but fish relating

I have issues with my clothes, particularly sweatshirts and jackets. Yes, I know I am fat and I can live with that. Or is the overweight the proper PC term?  And yes, I think spending too much time in sweatpants and sweatshirt and you will start to believe you are a part of the Soprano family.

Here is my problem. I (or most of the time, my wife) buy a sweatshirt. It’s great, soft, fuzzy, comfy, you name it, it is. Usually something fishing related. I am talking primarily December to April. After I get home from work, pick up kids and make dinner  I jump on a treadmill, do some weights, shower and go back to work ….on my PC. This goes on just about every day till about 9 or 10. I don’t watch TV, I just don’t have the time but that is a story for another day.

So naturally, when I get out of the shower, I get into my “comfy” sweatshirt. Wife is ok with it. Then she starts to complain that it’s looking ragged. And eventual she says” I can’t stand it, please throw it away”…but I just got it nicely frayed and comfortable, I say…lol

This happens with almost every sweatshirt I have. For a while it’s in, and then the tide turns. Some of you probably have seen me wearing TA Sniper Jacket in the Tuff Leader video. No surprise there. I been wearing that thing every day since I got it in November. And wife still loves it. She said it’s the nicest sweater/jacket I’ve ever had. I agree with her there but still, I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. I got to tell you, it is the most comfortable zippered sweat/jacket I ever owned. Kind of stylish, maybe a bit too much for a simpleton like me but cool.

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16 comments on “Ideas, winners and comfortable clothes

  1. bluefish

    LL Bean, river driver shirt, holes in both elbows, sleeves and neck shreaded. Gottta be real careful taking off. Hey, what can I tell ya its a lucky shirt.

  2. bob c

    It`s funny you say that about your sweatshirts . Like your saying , just when they get broken in and comfy ….They disappear !!! It also happens to t shirts , jeans , etc . Cool idea for the blog too .

  3. george cerny

    I’ve got two St. Johns Bay flannel shirts with waffle lining, one red ,one blue that that my kids gave me. They wear like iron and are so comfortable. A couple of years ago I was on the beach fishing for schoolies in Hempstead Harbor on a brisk windy day, having a lot of fun. A scent came to me and I thought it’s great, someone cranked up their fireplace on this beautiful morning! Seconds later I felt this sharp burning on my right boob! I was on fire! I dropped my rod and tore off my shirt. My polo shirt and my boob were saved! I stomped on the red shirt as my rod proceeded into the water. No choice! Save the shirt! Stomp, stomp, stomp, no smoke! Get the rod and a 3 pound snapper. Checking out the shirt; there was a nice hole in the right breast pocket. Apparently the wind knocked the ash from my cigarette and it fell into my pocket. It smoldered awhile until I felt it! I threw back the snapper and went home. No, this was not funny! Not until my wife said she could save the shirt with a patch. Of course I had a price to pay by listening to the whole “am I ever going to grow” up and anti-smoking speech but I can still wear my red flannel shirt. The kids got me the blue one because the red one “has that stupid little pocket on the right side”!

  4. harv

    When u pulled me out of the drink in montauk & lent me your maroon sweat pants that saved me from freezing & we went on to fish another 3 hrs. We love de oldold shit! Comfy& soft .
    DUDE ur in your own house! U tell the wife just like ralph cramden on the Honeymooners” I am king of the castle. When i come home i want my slippers & bathrobe brought to me w the newspaper then duck lol

  5. Bill K.

    My wife steals all my most comfortable ratty t shirts and sweat shirts …..for herself to wear around the house lol..holes in some realy cool places and all….

  6. Tim

    Try Flannel Zeno! Flannel rocks. You can wear it anywhere and still feel somewhat presentable. Better still as they wear in they get softer and more comfy. The better ones don’t fray and fall apart with holes like your sweatshirt fav. Reg. flannel, insulated flannel, sweatshirt lined, hoody lined flannel; it’s a new fashion statement. Something to consider …

  7. Mike

    Tried some bucktailing today. Have a question. 3/4 ounce swing hook bucktail, penn battle 5000 reel, 50 pound braid, 8 foot rod rated 3/4 ounce to 3 ounce. Issue (besides not catching anything) was a couple of wind knots. Pretty knew to this. Beautiful day, hardly any wind, pine knoll shores, nc. Any help with the wind knots? Read Doc’s book and will read skinners book on bucktailing soon.

  8. Zeno Post author

    Wind could one one reason but you said there was none. Most windknots are caused by overfilled spool OR not havingh enough tension when retriving the lure.


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