Fishing tunes

Simple question, what gets you in the mood? For fishing that is. I am talking music. I would like to see someone wrote a feature on music and surfcasting, but in the mean time, let hear it. What is playing in your car on the way to the beach. What puts you in the mood ?

I have a very eclectic taste in music from Eminem to Mel Torme to ZZ top…but when I am going fishing nothing beats a crooning from Best of Dean Martin CD…love the old stuff

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99 comments on “Fishing tunes

  1. Jerry

    Madonna next Sunday with the NY football Giants up by 21. Otherwise GnR, Killers, old Bruce and more generally First Wave on XM.

  2. Frank

    if you love the old stuff check out Jonathan Schwartz show on, sat and sun ,noon till 4pm..he does the American Songbook and plays plenty classic old ones(along w/ some fine new stuff)

  3. mike

    For me its the hard stuff i LOVE all music but when im drivin to the beach its Bullet for My Valentine,Sevendust,Old NJHC,Volbeat,and anything that ROCKS and gets my blood pumpin!!! on the way home i like to chill so i bust out the old stuff SRV,Clapton,Zeppilin ect..

  4. Sean Kearney

    That’s funny, I was just thinking over the past two days that I want to start making videos of surfcasting and incorporate the music that gets me so pumped when I’m on my way to go fishing. The music that gets me going is mostly Atreyu and Avenged Sevenfold, I’ve been listening to their CDs the past 2 days and thinking about putting different scenes and clips with the way the song goes and everything, I’ve never made a video before, or even filmed to much, but I think I could put together some nice stuff. Buying a gopro and editing software this month!

  5. Scott L.

    As soon as I put into 4 wheel drive I pop in my Red Hot Chilli Peppers cd – Mothers Milk track 10— Pretty Little Ditty.

  6. Robert McC

    I love country {today’s } Zack Brown D Ruckus, I only pick up those station once past Oakdale so it`s really pick me, music I do not get to hear often and going fishing. You may catch me singing like a nut rolling down Sunrise!

  7. ChefChris

    old metalica like and justice for all or master of puppets, black sabbath, tool, or the complete opposite end of the spectrum and ill listen to jedi mind tricks or 7l and es.

    I always have music blasting, helps stay up on those long drives home.

    its funny when you have a song stuck in your head and you have a great night and now whenever that song comes on it takes you back to that night.

    cool post zeno.

  8. Brendan

    I listen to Howard Stern or WFAN to and from the beach. I find music creeps into my head when I’m fishing enough as it is. Lots of Dead and JJ Cale for some reason. The harder stuff pops into my head when boarding or biking.

  9. Dan

    Very ofthen ZZ Top Rancho Texacano disk 1, JOHNNY CASH, Quicksand or Minor Threat especially when i have a hard time waking up, and im with you on the Dean Martin on a quiet back bay trip, like the fella once said, aint that a kick in the head? A Possible Ray Charles tune in the mix.

    ps nice post, and awesome website!


  10. Rich B.

    Some late night college radio shows are fantastic. I’ll listen to WBGO 88.3 Jazz on the way out sometimes, but steer clear of the instrumental music dragging my weary ass home.

    When I get close to my fishing spot I turn everything off. Time to tune the senses.

  11. Troy S.

    All depends on the mood.. Could be some old Metalica or classic rock.. But im a goofball so ELO gets me in a good mood to hang on the sand awhile!!

  12. Richard Fuchs

    that’s because even though billy sings about being for the fisher man, he is anti conservation in the like “they tell me I can’t sell no stripers”. He even caught and was fined for gill netting a few years back. That was when I stopped listening and buying his stuff.

  13. Richard Fuchs

    And I’m too busy listening to the weather forecasts. I want to know what the forecast is up to the minute. but that’s just me…
    I love when they say northeast winds…

  14. frank ward

    the best song buy far to get you pumped up for that nice intense night of not catching fish lol is my favorite voodoo child buy jimmy hendrix- motley crue, guns and roses

  15. Geo67

    During the ride out to M – have to hear Rush: Natural Science. Once I hit the top of the hill and look out over Montauk and catch the first sight of that big blue ocean I like to crank some AC/DC (Hells Bells or For Those About to Rock!)

  16. Michael S

    I like to listen to the old rock and roll tunes from the 50’s and 60’s Chuck Berry can;t be rock and roll.

  17. lurejunkie

    i like emerson,lake&palmer and yes, or similar groups
    live for the “aquatarkus” and “close to the edge”

  18. Aram

    I listen to music while I do many things, but I practically never feel the need to crank tunes before fishing. Not much is required for me to be totally excited and motivated to fish.

  19. Charlie p

    Gotta listen to h20, sick of it all or rancid at 3am so I can stay awake on ride home from Montauk. Curious to know which punk bands tommy has done artwork for?

  20. jp

    in lieu of fishing and music, has anyone else heard anglers music? Pretty good shit! I don’t know the dude but his stuff is sweet. He’s from Dr.

  21. CTMatt

    Finally…a column I could TOTALLY write about to contribute! I wouldn’t just put anything random and rock up….I could come up with some serious deep stuff!

    I am a music teacher so this is right up my alley plus I toured in a ska band years ago so I appreciate some killer tunes!

    Ska, hardcore,rock,oldschool country and even some killer dubstep I have some serious music knowledge I would love to share with the masses!

  22. CTMatt

    If I didn’t stumble on a well edited fly fishing in NJ/NY video months ago I never would have discovered dubstep

    I could write about dozens of styles/genres and create some killer playlists if SJ would like. It would be an honor! I wrote my districts curriculum on pop and rock! I live for this stuff…

    Personally Rage Against the Machine “Freedom” has kicked the ass of every skunking I have ever been handed but Skrillex, Job For a Cowboy, Attack Attack, Steely Dan, Slipknot, Ramones and Chuck Berry live together peacefully in nearly all my lists.

    Music and Surfcasting go together like Korkers and Boulders. Although idont feel comfortable in Tue sand listening to music some of my best nights have had endless streams in my head of amazing music. The obsessive thing about it is I associate amazing striper fishing nights with songs I heard that night. I catalogue them in my head like a journal and when you ask me how I did at Block in July I can remember almost everything I listened to that night in the car.

  23. tommy

    Honestly though… I have been really into audio books lately for the long drives. Keeps me focused.

    Most of the time its really depressing stuff like the smiths.

  24. Jim M.

    Old Hawaii Five-O (or the Trashmen) if I’m whipping out the kayak, otherwise it gets turned down when I slink my way onto the beach.

    Certain spots I do notice that some folks do have motivational music cranking as they pull into the lot, and it makes it easier to spot a familar face without having to trash my night vision looking at the buggy.

    I’ll keep an ear out for the Dean!

  25. terryb

    I can feel it coming in the air tonight, hold on…. I think by Brian Adams (I am terrible with names of singers haha)

  26. Matt

    If i have a long ride such as Montauk its usually Tool some Bob Marley. If i’m looking to get ramped up Primus fishermen! …. If im tired a little Slayer or Slipknot to get the blood moveing.

  27. Rich M

    forget the truck im singing while im fishin! yes im the wierdo you were hering singing the last song i herd on radio

  28. Landwave

    Another vote for Primus- fishermen. Not matter what I’m playing on the ride, this song seems to always get played as I pull into the lot

  29. achase

    Usually whatever’s on WFUV 90.7FM.
    I like the crooners. too.
    They have a show every Sunday night called the Big Broadcast 8pm-12am where they play Jazz and Pop from the 1920s-1930s; it’s really good. Even if you’re a metal-head, if you hear Bing Crosby singing Dinah,when you’re alone in the truck, cruising out to go fishing, you will smile.
    Once I’m on the beach it’s windows down and no music; aahhh.

  30. Sam

    Drivin’ south by Jimi Hendrix, black sunshine by white zombies, full house by Wes Montgomery, or ramble on by zep.

  31. L.A.LUTTON

    Something in the air (tonight) by Phil Collins was my brothers psych music on his way to the steelhead grounds of the great Pacific NW at “o’dark thirty”- he’s gone now, but I fondly recall him with the same tune on my way to (try) and outwit cruising redfish and seatrout on fly in Florida-LL


    Red hot chili peppers, or ccr. hahah maybe we should have a video of someone walking the dog slammin bass, to the rap song i walk it out.

  33. Local 7 Matty

    Megadeth’ s rust in peace seems do the trick for me , and sometimes I’ll mix it up with a little slayer.I feel in order to have a successful outing starts with the right mind set and a positive attitude to . If I feel like im going to catch fish I almost always do . Also Its almost like a ritual, I always listen to the same cds, and I know it may sound funny but I have to always have the same flavor gadoraid.I know it’s nuts.

  34. captn bob

    Jack Johnson,Bob Marley, The Allman Brothers, always Buffett, and good hardcore jazz. Once i’m fishing set the dial to my favorite radio station. Hopefully the bite is on so we won’t have time to play with the tunes!

  35. TomG

    On the way to the beach the first song on the mix CD is “King of the Surf” by the Dorados. The rest is a mix of Blues. Buzzing through the Pine Barrens at 3AM with SRV blaring at 15, and scaring every deer off the road for miles gets me pumped.

  36. Stormy 212

    So may choices! Sing along (perhaps Neil Young or Bob) or set the intention for the adventure (Immigrant song or sultans of swing). Some days the guitars have gotta be strongly talking (Satriani or Stevie maybe Eric Johnson ), others the sky’s mood takes the lead(Feels like Rain or Blue Skies). Willie takes us On the Road again. Just depends on the day; a little Jerry is never refused yet Hank Williams or Johnny Cash sometimes fits the need for some country style soul.
    Yet, there are days though when we have to dance our way home on the always too long drive. Thank goodness for the the radio- rock, R&B, dance tunes cranking with a little java, help power that truck back down the road home………..stormy

  37. bluefish

    Minga !! how could I forget, maybe it was the Smirnoff. Clapton, ” Tales of brave Ulysses ” Elton John, ” Madman across the water “

  38. Steve Adams

    Oh man, there are many. In no particular order:
    Allman Bros.
    Marshall Tucker
    Grateful Dead………….
    Sly and The Family Stone


  39. Fred Bogue

    Steve Adams is dead on

    I never liked Billy Joels politics but Downeaster Alexis played as loud as I can stand “can’t sell no stripers”

    Just makes me want to fish!

    Tag and Release

  40. Tim

    Ohh man a tall order … lol.

    “Fly me to the moon” Frank Sinatra & Count Basie; “Get ready for this” 2 Unlimited; “Fat Bottom Girls” Queen; “U can’t touch this” Hammer, “Be good to yourself” Journey; “Walking on broken glass” Annie Lennox.

    Fire up!


  41. steve j

    hey z.. you know whats funny. i was thinking about trying a write up about music and surfcasting and how the two mix and complete the experience. im a huge music geek so maybe i’ll give it a try and if it turns out bad.. oh well.. lol. personally i like faster or heavier stuff when the weather is kicked up and nasty and more mellow stuff when im planning on fishing the bay or under very calm conditions

  42. SteveZissou

    My mix cd i play on the way to the beach is something that gets the juices flowing everytime without fail – it includes Paulie Melynk’s song ‘Fishstock’, ‘Downeasta Alexa’ by Billy Joel, and of course, The Waterboys “Fishermans Blues” which is the ultimate fishing song. It also includes a live, extra salty, version of ‘Cortez The Killer’ that gets me in ‘pirate-mode’ instantly. Some other great stuff as well.

  43. Mike

    George Thorogood and the Destroyers “Bad to the Bone”, Tin Lizzy “The Boys are Back in Town:, ZZ Top, Dave Matthews Band, and the greatest guitar player that ever lived Stevie Ray Vaughan. U2 when I get skunked on the beach. I just wish the fishing would as hot as the music I listen to.

  44. CaptFB

    If I have the Serius hooked up, I like the Boneyard or Lithium channels blasting out the tunes. If my CD happens to be working, something from the older punk genre works; Sex Pistols, Killing Joke, or even new stuff. Loud and fast works.

  45. Allen W

    Gabby Pahinui ‘Pure Gabby’ , Slack Key Masters Hawaiian Music, The Band, Sly and the Family Stone, Jimi Hendrix. After fishing Bach, Tom Waits, Sinatra. Great to read what others are into. Very eclectic tastes!


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