I hope you guys are dealing with this heat better that I’ve been last few days. Worked Friday night Saturday and today too and I think there was a weekend in there somewhere but I have sure not seen it.

The winner of a Sebile Giant Magic Swimmer is  Charles Oat

You have 5 days to email us at info@surfcastersjournal.com. Please be advised that I won’t be around much this week so if I do not get a chance to ship it right away it will have to wait till I get back.DSC_2325

Also, if you have not, you can still enter in the great PENN prevail rod giveaway. We are giving away four rods to four lucky SJ Blog readers, from 8 to 12 feet.


Enter by clicking here  http://www.surfcastersjournal.com/win-one-of-4-prevail-surf-rods-from-penn-fishing/

We will draw a winners in about a week

We did try to fish last week after dark, Silver Fox and I. Big mistake. We donned waders and walked up to water’s edge in Jones Inlet back on Tuesday…and then the wind died. In about fifteen minutes we were completely soaked in sweat and bugs were going to have a field day feasting on us. So we hightailed out of there and poured some cold water on our heads. That was brutal. Not as brutal as crawling in City Hall attic  on my knees all week ,rolling in fiberglass with no AC. It’s truly the nastiest construction job I have ever seen. Maybe ever. And no, Mayor Bloomberg did not stop by with a Giant Big Gulp.


I have some blog post lined up for this week. One by Matt Handelsman, or CT Matt as you know him, and one by our Rod Guru Lou Caruso who when he is not dispensing advice on which rod to get is  seemingly getting mugged on Montauk rocks in the middle of the summer.

Speaking of advice. I can’t say that anything I’ve done, written, said, recorded has ever been as satisfying as hearing some of you say that something  I’ve done or said have inspired you. I was surprised when some of you told me that I was your inspiration for picking up DSLR or this plug or that. Or making you maiden voyage to Cuttyhunk, or Montauk or trying to rig an eel. I really never thought that anything I had to say would  ever inspire someone in any way. But I guess I was wrong.  I do love hearing that kind of stuff because I never want anything I do to be about me. It should be about you, the reader.

Some of you told me and I quote” I buy everything you guys recommend”. Duuuuude, you need to step back.  If I bought everything we talk about I would be broke. Seriously, I know that we are a bit different. That we insist on testing (at least to some extent) everything we write about. Yeah, even that Toyota Tundra (I still dream about that truck). But we bring you these things as stuff you MIGHT be interested of knowing about and then you should do some more research on your own. Not as a gospel. You know what I mean?


Because if you keep telling me that,  then that will only make me want to do less product reviews. The last thing I need is having your wife showing up on my doorstep to berate me over your fishing spending habits. My wife already does splendid job of hammering me on my habits. Capish?


9 comments on “Heat

  1. James Jewkes

    I have to agree with the fishing this past week I was out after dark on thursday night and when I was on my way out the breeze was nice then an hour later it stopped and I was done soaked to the bone this week should be better

  2. jerrryboy

    Dont worry Zeno i would never give you up to the wife , and i have all the goods delivered to my job so she never sees the packages come in . see you at the next meeting

  3. Charlie_p

    I had some packages delivered to work. Then one day my wife found the box in the basement with a recent shipping date stamped on it. That was a tough few days.

  4. Herb

    I am not a subscriber to SCJ and a big reason why is because the reviews, whether it be rod or anything else they are heavily sugarcoated and i never see any criticism anymore.

    Look, to be a worthwhile reviewer you need to be able to handle upsetting people , it’s just part of the territory. Brutal honesty including the negatives are a must to have any cred at all, and imo i don’t see it anymore.

    Zeno, lets not go overboard with the i’m 100% committed to the reader and it’s never about me stuff, while i don’t doubt you like to help people, the fact that you published a book to profit on makes it about you to some extent.

    Everybodys out there for themselves first and foremost.

    1. Zeno Post author

      You are not a subcriber because of reviews?..so you will miss out on all the articles and videos because I won’t tell you that I would rather eat rusty nails than hammer some poor dude in a garage making a lure?
      At first I thought your honesty was refreshing but then I realized that your statement is silly. If you want to read some criticism you can read between the lines about stutf we won’t feature.
      But with your mindset , you might be better off not being a subscriber to be honest.

  5. jerrryboy

    Hey Herbie , do everyone a favor and stay out of the sport we all love , because anyone who would complain about the $20 it costs to subscribe is way out of his league. Zeno and the rest of the Sj crew work there asses off to bring the surf casting community some of the best informative info ever writen to date . there is not another website or magazine to ever give a newbie all the tools needed to go out and become a great surfcaster. And as far as Zeno’s books they were a pleasure to read , and as far as I can tell Zeno has not even made enough money off of them to even by the Toyota tundra mentioned earlier in this blog . so like I said befor herbie hancock maybe you should find a better sport more fitted towards your wallet , like ping pong or something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Zeno Post author

    Its ok Jerry..I don’t need defense. .lol
    But i think Herb misunderstood what I was saying…when I say I don’t want to be about me , and i’ve said this plenty over the years I meant that I don’t write this to make myself into a knowitall and a celebrity. ..I do it to promote the publication. Its fine if he does no want to be a subscriber. I am cool with that. But if you’d said after I am all done here that all I did was talk about my “greatness”..now that would bug me…geeez I think last time I had a fish on the line we had two less dicks declaring run for mayor of nyc ha


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