Win one of 4 Prevail Surf Rods from PENN Fishing

We are going to do something special today to celebrate the launch of issue #20 of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine. In conjunction with PENN Fishing, we are going to make four, yes 4, Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine fans very happy by sending them each one PENN Prevail rod, courtesy of PENN Fishing.

This giveaway is open to all our fans. All you have to do to enter is enter “I want the Prevail rod” in the comment box and post it. In few days, we will use random number generator to pick four lucky winners. Each winner will receive one rod of our choice. We have an 8 footer, 9, 11 and a 12 foot Prevail rod for a winners in this giveaway and PENN Fishing will ship it right to your doorstep. Each winner will receive one rod out of these four, length of our choice.

Thank you PENN Fishing for making this possible and remember to subscribe to the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine at

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Description from PENN website

It’s not often you can find everything you want in a high end surf rod at half the price. The Prevail™ provides strength and performance with a two-piece graphite composite rod blank. Stainless steel frames with aluminum oxide inserts create a light weight and durable guide perfect for fishing mono or braid.

The rubber shrink tube handle design provides a secure grip whether wet or dry.

The Prevail is a perfect match for PENN Sargus®, Fierce® or Pursuit® spinning reels or Squall star drag conventional reels. Check out the rod to reels combination chart to find suggested reel to rod combinations.

644 comments on “Win one of 4 Prevail Surf Rods from PENN Fishing

  1. James Jewkes

    “I want the Prevail rod” Will it go well with the new Penn Spinfisher V6500 bailess looked at one today(was the bailed model) and can’t wait for them to get them to the stores

  2. Carl D. Olsson

    I have two boys and they would love this fishing rod , already have several Penn products.We leave for the Delaware shore tomorrow.

  3. Matthew Mildrum

    I have 2prevails, they are awesome. I really would like another!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Agastyan Daram

    Broke the surf rod I bought this spring.. Saw the prevails when purchasing it but made the wrong choice.. I have a penn reel… it would help me fish with something other than an ugly stick…

  5. Kamron Jamneshan

    I want the prevail rod! I fish SoCal beaches so give the best for my area please; if I win that is ….!


    “I want the Prevail rod”

    ALOHA FROM HAWAII, MAHALO NUI LOA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. DougT

    “I want the Prevail rod” Don’t think I’ll win, not myluck but who knows. As always thank you for the chance and the good reads.

  8. pistol pete

    I want the Prevail rod… I want the Prevail rod….I want the Prevail rod…I want the Prevail rod…

    *Thats what my 2-year old sounds like in my ear at 8am right now after an all nighter getting skunked!

    thanks for the opportunity.

  9. bunufish

    This is a nice rod, I won the 9′ model through the fb page giveaway a month ago! Good luck to the next 4 winners.

  10. Mike D!

    I want the prevail rod! I can pair it with one of the 3 Penn fierce, Sargus,3penn320gt2, or 2captivas I have! Love penn! Only rod/reels I will get! Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. David Weinberger

    I would like to see if the prevail can hold up to casting plugs and also hold up to throwing 6 to 8 ounces of weight plus a bait into a Northeast wind surf fishing for stripers!

  12. Mike smith

    I would lovve to try the Prevail rod. i just have 2 Ugly Sticks and i want to get another Penn real i had 1 years ago and liked it a lot. I have been trying to find a catalog with Pen stuff but havent found one yet.

  13. Daniel Chabot

    I hope I win one of these. I only have 23 fishing rods and reels; so one more would be good. I have several Penn Reels and they are very good functioning reels with no problems what so ever.

  14. don harris

    I want the prevail rod I use a micro lite from the bass pro shops its a im6 graphite float n fly ml96mls-2 9′ 6″ lure wt. 1/16 3/8oz. line 4-10 lb. power medlite action fast the reel a crappie maxx cx 1000 4-10 lb. test. I love surf fishing here in California I use sandcrabs for bait and I get perch croaker halibut lots of fun.

  15. chris moorhous

    I have a mint black and gold 706 spinfisher that would work and look really good with one of those rods

  16. Alexy

    “I want the Prevail rod”
    Forget about all these other posers I am the one who will appreciate this rod.

  17. Henrique Orlando Pedro Assunção

    All you have to do to enter is enter “I want the Prevail rod” in the comment box and post it.


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