The Ninja Wetsuiter ..By Lou Caruso

The Ninja Wetsuiter

By Lou “The Rod Guru” Caruso

I was hell bent on fishing the new moon somewhere last weekend. The problem is that the south shore has been really void of life unless you are in the right place at the right time. Tried dealing with the crowd Wed. night at Demo for no fish and lots of aggravation. People partying all over the place and many did not even have a permit, or if they did they did not have any fishing equipment with them. There was no way I was heading to the Montauk zoo on the 4th of July weekend after that.

 Wound up waiting until Monday night to head out there. It was a beautiful night even with the high temps and oppressive humidity. Once we got there we had a slight breeze which made things bearable. We hit the south side, walking and casting as the sun went down. Some white water and a slow pick of schoolie bass to boot. Not a bad start to the night. As we worked our way to a spot that has been productive this time of the year in the past, I remarked on how we did not see another soul fishing and had the place to ourselves.

It was dark when we got to the spot and we set up about 50’ apart. We had a beautiful sweep into some nice deep water and actually started to pick away at some fish. Out of the corner of my eye I see I light about a half mile away. I keep fishing and lose the track of the light. Meanwhile I’m having a blast still catching schoolies. You know how you get the feeling someone is watching you? I have been in this spot before and have had deer come up behind me and check me out. Scares the crap out of me every time !!!!!!

I turned and didn’t see anything. I took another cast and caught movement behind me. Whipped my head around and there he is. The Ninja Wetsuiter, just standing there watching us. I see him walk back to my right some and he is doing something with his light on. I go back to fishing and a few minutes later this clown comes walking right between my partner and I, walks to the water and starts fishing. Are you effing kidding me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This clown cut off my presentation as the swing was from his direction. I said screw this and just kept fishing. I don’t know how ,but we never tangled lines. Now the tide had changed and the water was pounding again. This guy was getting beat to crap over there. I hooked up with another fish and I see him hook up. We both bring in our fish and he runs right back into the water like he has an appointment…

After about 10 minutes of him getting pounded he gets out of the water and heads down the beach… I see him on a rock for a while and then he’s gone! As the tide recedes I said to my partner why don’t we try this other spot further down  where we sometimes do well on the drop.

We pull a few fish and I said to him I’m going to head back to the original spot for a few more casts in the deep water. As I’m walking back I see the wetsuiter right back in the spot we were originally fishing. Walked past him and fished further down, then left.


What the hell happened to common courtesy? I have been in elbow to elbow combat fishing and the people were better behaved. Why crowd others when you literally have miles of beach to fish. I’m sure we were in “his spot” when he got there but really? I can see why people sometimes get a bad taste in their mouth about surfcasters.


To top off the night I’m heading back towards town behind a guy who was scared to death of driving at night. Doing 25-30 in a 50 MPH zone. Mind you I only do 40 in this area having a deer hit my truck 2 years ago. All of a sudden I see red flashing lights behind me. I pull over thinking he’s wanting to pass me and he pulls up behind me. What the hell ??????

He gets out, walks up and asks me to shut the truck off. Now I’m wondering what is going on. He asks us what we were doing? I tell him fishing, he takes one look in the back and sees the poles and all our equipment. I asked why he pulled us over and he said, “he was looking for poachers”


A little surprised but glad he was doing his job. Asked us how we did, wished us a good night and off we went..



10 comments on “The Ninja Wetsuiter ..By Lou Caruso

  1. Adam

    7 weeks from now it will be full on
    I’ll be doin the deep south side death march to avoid the circus.
    seeya in the surf!

  2. Shamrock

    I hate to admit it but Im the kind of person who gets angry quick and unfortunately I stay angry for a while often letting some inconsiderate fool ruin my night. I bought a kayak and have never been happier in my life, I love surfcasting but my quality of life has never been better, keep your sense of humor Lou, soometimes these fools just need to see an example set by guys who know what they’re doing, or you can always join me for a paddle. 🙂

  3. Joe

    You know that when you are catching fish it’s only because you’re in That spot, with That bait or lure, using That equipment. It could never possibly be that you’re a good fisherman??
    People always tell me that they have the “right” to fish the ocean. Especially within 30″ of my center of mass, or behind me (close enough for me to hear them ‘weezing’). I think it would be funny if we would start clipping these people and laugh at them as they sink below the first wave that covers them. Unfortunately,
    that’s illegal! And, just as unfortunate-you really can’t fix “STUPID”.
    This is why Patience is a true virtue.

  4. Deninzio

    In my opinion i would have let the person know how you felt at the time instead of putting it on the internet. Maybe that person did have an apointment at that time. He might have bine fishing there for years and thinks your the clown.

  5. Dave Whitney

    There’s going to be idiots no matter where you go!
    Lou, you were unlucky that it was another surfcaster.
    Here’s my story from yesterday.
    Go to a local inlet around high tide. Work the back and front nothing doing. Notice birds working as the fog lifts. Great, not really!
    Birds going nuts, blues underneath them and I only caught one!!
    Boat guys are clueless jerks and cut in front of me every time it got close.
    Almost was going to try and hook them with my tin
    Best part is they are so clueless that they couldn’t hook up!

  6. Dave K

    I feel your pain Lou. Unfortunately it’s a reflection of the society we live in today, no consideration for others. I’m a volley in the fire service and was recently controlling traffic at a severe MVA scene when a driver pulls up and tells me he has to ‘get through’ because his daughter has a gymnastics meet. When I tell him the road is closed and to turn around he informs me, with profanity, that he doesn’t wait for anyone and drives over the traffic cones. Thankfully when he reached the actual ‘accident scene’ he was greeted by an SCPD patrol car in addition to all the fire apparatus. I believe he finally got the message that yes, in life, there will be times when he WILL have to wait for others. It’s a shame that today many times it takes a ‘police presence’ for people to do the ‘right thing’. Sorry for the rant.

  7. in&out

    Sooooooo…. wait I don’t get it, you said you had montauk to yourself and moved in on the ninjas spot . And your pissed because he stood his ground?

  8. Lou Caruso

    Deninzio, if he has been fishing it for years this is the first time I have ever run into him. I have been fishing this spot for many years….
    In&out, you have it backwards. We were there for 2 hrs before we were encroached upon …..

  9. in&out

    either way I’m sure the ninja and you were at that spot for the same reason and since you been in elbow to elbow combat fishing I don’t see what the big deal is. I love the Montauk chess game!!!!! Lmao.


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