Happy Veteran's Day

Ah,its nice to get up at 4 am….to go fishing instead of work. Meeting our Rod Guru Lou Caruso to do some testing and video this morning. Working with Lou is always a pleasure. Any of you guys need rod built or repaired this winter ,you should talk to Lou. Even if it’s just for advice. I have grown to respect his thoughts and ideas very much over the years, he knows his stuff and his prices are really reasonable. You can check him out at http://louscustomrods.com/

STRIPERTHON 2010 is over, done ,caput. We are still waiting on a Penn Torque 5 bailess that we ordered from Penn. So far, it has not arrived but then again Penn has a hard time filling all the backorders. But be assured that you will get it if you win, even if I have to go buy another.

I need a good full day to sit down, get the pictures organized for a vote. I just haven’t had much time with writing for upcoming issue and working on a video. If you ever have time to waste, get yourself video editing program Then , after you spend 30 hours on a 3 minute video you’ll realize why all the editors are balding and gray.

When you make a cast today, change a hook or hug your kid, remember those who perished so we can enjoy the freedom and American way of life.

Liberal, republican, tea party of independent, it doesn’t matter. Our soldiers don’t ask you what you are before they put their lives on the line for you. All they ask is that you respect what they do.

Today would be a good day to say thank you.

Shout to our boy Kevin Robinshaw, whatever part of the world he is toad and Jay Dodd from Jay’s Lure who recently returned from Africa. And every other dude or dudets out there on active or inactive duty reading Surfcaster’s Journal

We are PROUD of you and We Love Ya’

Thanks for all that you do so that our kids can sleep safely at night

Some shop news to pass along

East End Bait & Tackle
170 East Montauk Hwy.
Hampton Bays, NY 11946
(Fax) 631-728-5201

If you are interested in purchasing a new Lamiglas Surf rod we have three rods in stock exclusively for the new TRY ME program. The new 9′ and 11′-6″ Alberto Extreme series and the 10′ Super Surf with removable handle. It works like this, come in and ask to try out one of the three rods above, we run your credit card for the full amount of the rod and in 24hrs you bring it back and we then credit your card. Hopefully after using one of these great surf rods you will be convinced to purchase one.

Stop by the shop for more info or give us a call.

Scott Jeffrey

From LI Outdoorsman

We are now direct line Korkers dealer. We will have the new sandals which will replace the old k1000 style with the laces which will no longer be available they will now have a strap / buckle.   Plus we will have the new style boots with the interchangeable soles that the wetsuiters prefer. These will have more studs and a wider footprint than the old style. There will only be a handful of dealers on Long Island to get these boots as far as we know and we’ll be one of them.. We will be listed as a dealer on the Korkers website and will have the complete line delivered for April 1st.

Paulie’s of Montauk ..in available 11/17

•NEW• VMB150 •NEW•


The new VM150 features a changeable left- or right-hand retrieve, holds 350 yards of 30-pound braided line and can handle up to 30 pounds of drag stopping power. At $399 it’s the strongest, most affordable reel in its class. The aluminum and stainless steel construction of the VM150 create more than enough strength to tackle big and exotic fish and the precision gears and smooth drag performance make it the perfect go-to reel from boat or from shore.

6 comments on “Happy Veteran's Day

  1. Tom Schneider

    Don’t forget to say Thanks to the “old timers” on the beach that served many years ago and continue to serve our country in many different ways.
    I know of one fisherman who is a military veteran and retired from the US Army. He is a well known surf rat and a vetaran of the Surf. The man knows his stuff and catches fish like no one I’ve ever seen:

    Mr. Vito Orlando

    Thanks Vito!

    Tom Schneider
    Veteran USCG: ET2
    Semper Paratus!


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