Sometimes picture (or video) is worth a thousand words


9 comments on “Sometimes picture (or video) is worth a thousand words

  1. Nick

    Cool video Z, was that 40 hrs. of editing? Cause I see what you said a couple days ago about that, its time consuming….

  2. Zeno Post author

    Its probably the most time consuming thing that we do at SJ….but whag are you going to do..masses need to be entertained …lol

  3. Old Hippie

    Great video. Watching you work SOOOOOOOOOOOO hard really touches my heart. It must really be difficult to wake up knowing that you are going to be out there all day struggling like that. And you do it for us. So we will better know what gear is the best. Thanks Z. Now. For those of you who don’t recognize sattire. This is it. But really. Thanks Z and all of the people who battle the cold rain, the pounding surf, and the blisterring wind. Like me, I know how much you all enjoy doing what you do. A great way to get paid to play at the coast. Thanks again Z. And thanks to the Journal folks. I’ve learned alot from the Journal.

  4. Madmedic

    I want one of those reels so bad …… im running a cheap little Penn reel that I won compliments of Surf Casters Journal .


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