Everything you wanted to know about surf fishing but you were afraid to ask :-)

I have this idea in my head…ok, more than idea. It’s a concept that I been working on  over the years but never had a courage to put it in the motion….so let’s see if you will give me any courage to finally pull a trigger

You know how you go to the shows in the winter and you try to catch a seminar but you always feel rushed? You want to walk the isles and possibly there is another seminar you like to attend but its scheduled at same time as the one you are sitting in?

Let’s be honest, the seminars at shows leave a lot to be desired. From sometimes cramped quarters to lack of visual aids, bad lightning and sometimes stale topics. You can put blame on me for last one at times, I am not the most engaging speaker although I try.

So here is my question to blog readers.

I am in processes of putting together a series of weekday evening surf fishing classes for winter after holidays. Eastern Nassau County

Let’s say an 1 1/2 hour class every Wednesday(or Thursday or Tuesday) for 6 consecutive weeks. Here is the kicker, the classes would be not only taught by me but by some of the most talented surfcasters of this generation. I spoke to Bill Wetzel, John Skinner, Manny Moreno and yes, even legendary Don Musso from Super Strike fame. Each of these guys would be your instructor for one class plus yours truly

Classes would be limited to about 40 people and would cover from equipment and gear to rigging live and rigged eels, how and where to use lures, inlet, sand and Montauk fishing and just about every topic you want to learn about including, gasp,  bait fishing. Yes ,there is an art to that too. The cost for 6 classes would be somewhere around a hundred dollars or little less, still trying to see the cost of the venue…

I am working on plenty of free raffle prizes for participants. I always thought these kind of classes is something that we should have available to those that want to learn. Let’s be honest, there is not a man that I know, who fished 5 days or 50 years that would not want to hear legendary lure builder Donny Musso talks.

Now it’s your turn to tell me if I have lost my marbles or this is something people would actually like to attend.

54 comments on “Everything you wanted to know about surf fishing but you were afraid to ask :-)

  1. Zeno Post author

    7 pm is the idea…an addition …Surfcaster’s Journal Rod Guru and custom rodbuilder extraordinare Lou Caruso will talk about rod selection (and how NOT to break a rod 🙂 )

    For anyone that is interested please drop me a line so I can put you on list of interested dudes…

  2. Madmedic

    Video Teleconfrence VIA web…… ???? Never mind I guess it is just wishful thinking….. Sounds like a great oppertunity, if someone has the chance to go to these seminars and doesnt you are just plain ol dumb !!!

  3. J-


    You should put these classes on video so more than 40 people could see them.
    Plus people who cannot attend these classes like me would have a chance to see them


  4. Zeno Post author

    J..that would require an insane amount of time for editing plus multiple HD cameras, mikes
    my plan was to record it but never really thought about making it available like that…more like short videos…interesting point..thanks

  5. Scott

    Great idea Z! I couldn’t make it NY but count on us for some raffle/door prizes. BTW I really like the short videos concept or how about a live feed? Scott @ Hansom Tackle

  6. David

    I agree about the video idea, if you professionally tape it others who do not live in proximity (I live in DC) can learn as well. You can charge for the DVDs, I would buy it.


  7. J-

    I mentioned this Zeno because myself and many people I know live in the city or even outside of NY state Driving all the way to eastern Long Island to attend lectures, seminars etc… is very difficult.
    In terms of editing I don’t think It would require much as we’re not talking about pretty images etc… but informational stuff. A good microphone and a fixed camera is all it takes.
    As I mentioned before I would pay for this and I know many people who would. A simple pay per download is easy enough to do. You could do DVD but it is an unnecessary process in my opinion.


  8. Drew

    Is it possible to do a web feed using something like WebEx or Skype? I know the logistics behind it would take a bit of doing but it would be worth its wait in gold to the people who are out of state.
    Technically all that is needed is a decent quality webcam, laptop and internet connection.

  9. Jon P

    I am extremely interested in this course depending on the time and day of the week. Sounds like it will be well worth the admission. I would also be interested in buying a DVD or being able to pay to download the sessions. I think it will be a great reference.

    Seems like you have something monumental in the works. Keep going with the great ideas, I can’t believe you thought not enough people would be interested.

  10. JohnP

    Z I have not forgotten I am still learning. You have not seen me trying rock hopping in flip flops chasing a daytime blitz 🙂

  11. Mike S.

    Sounds like an AWESOME idea and I would be 100% in …. so much so, please feel free to put my name on the list and reserve me a spot, ha.

    Z, I actually took a class about 2 yrs ago thru a local continuing adult ed class and would be more then happy to share the dtl’s with you should you think it would help …. if so drop me an email and I can fill you in on the specifics.


  12. Bill H

    Love the idea Z but due to the location I wouldn’t be able to attend. I really like the video idea. I think you should give that serious consideration.

  13. Kevin

    Zeno…that’s the way to go. I’m rolling out something similar through noreast. I first got turned on to the class idea through seeing what Capt. Jerry McGrath was doing.

  14. Zeno Post author

    one of the authors of The Hunt for Big Stripers and imho opinion, one of the best surfcasters of this generation.
    There is a reason we call him “Surf Ghost”…he does not like attention

  15. Pierre

    AWESOME idea, the only thing is that most your readers out there live and work in the City… It would be awesome to plug in a web cam! I know that saltwateredge did it succesfully this summer.

    Congrats again for sharing your knowledge!

  16. Frank

    A topic suggestion: I feel that wind direction & velocity plus tide & current are significant to what we do but is not discussed enough. If you throw in location, say Montauk, you have a hell of a topic.

  17. MTK704

    Excellent idea, Z.

    Living in Northeast Queens would make it difficult for me to attend these classes at night after work.

    Plus I would likely do as I did in high school and slip out of class earlier, or play “hook-ey” and head further East to MTK.

    Perhaps once the classes start a one class dvd/tape/mpeg sampler could be produced and test marketed for futher surfishing consumer interest?


  18. Philip Brill

    Great idea. I’m in depending on the dates. I can do Tuesdays & Thursdays. It looks like from the comments that you may have more than 40 participants. Maybe have two seminars run in tandem with different subjects. This way also if someone misses one of the sessions they can catch it on a different day. Also, it would double the number of attendee’s. Since you are putting together a group of experts it should also be recorded somehow in video and/or a book that’s an anthology of their presentations.
    Please know that your hard work and dedication to The Surfcaster’s journal is appreciated.

  19. John

    Hi Z,

    I live too far away to attend, but really want to see the videos. I don’t care about the quality of the video as much as the quality of the information. Please do something for those of us that are geographically challenged.

    I’m sure that there are alot of guys on this site that have video/computer skills & equipment that would be happy to help out in the video endeaver.

  20. surflawyer

    Although there is no optimum day of the week or time for the classes, don’t rule out weekends (Saturday mornings?)as that may be more convenient for many, rather than a weekday evening after work.

  21. Dooley

    I too would be interested, but my work schedule doesnt really allow for weeknights to work. Weekends during the winter doldrums wouldnt be a bad idea, but the video classes seem like a good idea as well.

  22. Andy

    Great idea. I also recommend video of the presentations. I live in MA can’t make it. I’ve never been in the surf and have no idea of gear,what to look for,tides etc. Would be nice to learn what is needed prior to going.

  23. Anthony Rich

    I’d take the ride from Westchester once a week. I agree, filming the seminars would be great. Perhaps a few of the sponsors could share in costs of production and the online magazine can feature an online seminar once every issue. A video component to the magazine. One of your readers must be in the industry.
    As a teacher I’d be please to help putting together the visual materials. If the college has SMART Boards I’d be happy to assist your instructors with the use of such devices to present using SMART Notebook software or PowerPoint.

  24. Joe Auriemma

    I would love to attend, although as a Jersey boy couldn’t get there in time. Would be very intested in the videos. I agree with content over video quality.

  25. karl kjellberg

    great idea – wish you were putting one together focusing on Northern jJersey from Asbury Park to Rariton Bay where I fish
    Not i can commit to Eastern LI but would give it a try

  26. Aubrey

    I am too far away to travel to this, but I had the occasion to speak to Don Musso earlier this year by phone when I was writing an article about darters and a talk given by him would definately be worth the price of admission. Tremendously knowledgeable about plugs and surfcasting in general. Lots of great stories to tell. He was very gracious with his time as well.

  27. Lee

    Fantastic. I hope either Mom or Sis attend9 Yes they both surfcast). I am out here in Cali now. Any way to video tape these and post them on the web. Saltwater edge in RI doe something like this. It seems they have it down pretty good. Clear audio is important to hear peoples questions. I don’t know how you find the energy. Your like the energizer bunny. Thanks Z I hope it works out


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