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I know most of you own a pair of Korkers. And I have to say that Korkers came a long way in boot design over the last few years. However, the studs in the soles, the most important reason of why we buy these shoes has not improved. They work great on a new pair but too many fall out if you are not constantly on top of them. I also know many of you are not too keen on spending more $ on studs after you purchased your wading boots, regardless if they are Korkers brand, Simms, Cabelas or whatever. But I have to tell you, if you are going to spend any time fishing the jetties or climbing rocks, you must take a look at studs from Grip Studs at photo Dave tested them last year and wrote a glowing review in the issue #20 of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine on pages 18-19. This May I got some and I added them to my Korkers Chrome boots. I purposely only added them to one foot ,just to see the difference between boot with only Korkers studs and one with mixture of Korkers studs and Grip Studs. Instead of striping existing Korkers studs, since I lost a bunch on left foot I decided to just ad Grip Studs in their place. DSC_4057 I drilled a hole first trough the plastic Korkers inserts then used a drill and Grip Stud Install tool that came in a package to add Grip studs into the sole. I started using them on Cuttyhunk in late May and used them every time I went out this June, which was quite a bit. I did not fish on sand this June at all other than one night in State Channel. I was basically a jetty monkey, about five nights a week. How many fish did I catch ? If we count Sea Robin and Fluke, quite a few. Yeah, that good. 1500_sm Regardless, I got about 25 trips in , some swimming and crawling at Cutty rocks, long walks over dry pavement, quite a few trips over parking lot locally and of course, local jetty rocks most of the time.   There are not many products on the market I would unequivocally say “Get it” but darn it I think Grip Studs are as close as I ever got to saying that. First, the most important stuff. They Grip insanely and unlike Korkers studs your feet wont “slip” as much as they are very “sticky”. How many Grip Studs did I lose since late May? How about ZERO! How many are dull or bent? ZERO.   Grip studs feature solid tungsten carbide core-to-tip shaft and a rust-resistant finish . Once you screw than in your sole, boot, waders, sneakers, flip flops, its almost impossible for them to ever fall out. This is a description from their website. Secure your footing on slimy weed covered rocks and in heavy surf with Grip Studs™ high performance boot studs. These durable traction studs with their unique wide–auger shank do not bend, back-out or fold over in the sole like other narrow-threaded studs. ….   I know there has been a considerable debate over the years about using this or that type of studs. Some guys recommending Locktite , other are recommending all kinds of home remedies and fixes. I have never tried other brands of studs and after trying Grip Studs I know I don’t have to even consider it. I am adding the remainder of my package to my right foot and when my boots fall apart I will back the Grip Studs out and use them again

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  1. DZ

    I’m into season #3 with grip studs in Simms felt bottomed boots – lost ZERO.
    They are the best surf casting product in recent years IMO.

  2. andy_k

    Excellent! Lets hope they will ship over to the side of the Atlantic to the UK and EU.
    Nice one Zeno, thanks mate!

  3. Pistol pete

    I am on my 3 rd season with the same set of gripstuds… Thats 175
    Nites on the same set… All gnarly rocks
    No sand. These are incredlbe…
    I have been endorsing them as if i owned the company.
    There is no substitute… There is no close second…
    If you need studs under your feet and you buy something
    Else, you screwed up and wasted money.

  4. Pistol pete

    I love the “i’m in” responses… Do people read???
    Or are they here for the free raffle?

    Zeno, when it comes to giveaways, you should
    Bury the instructions or catch phrase within
    The post… ” im in” should be the new ” youre out!!!”

    1. sioca

      Pistol pete:
      You got it… I simply could not resist (a bit of humor) so early in the morning and being the first one.

      I knew for sure some one would say “Do people read???” Congratulations Pete!

      It is a great product for what we do.

  5. zhromin Post author

    Pete..don’t get me started. All I am going to say is you are going to miss me when i am gone because i have a patience of a Saint!

    1. sioca

      Z, you are indeed a saint…Thank you for not banishing me from blog.

      But I just need one!!! lol!!!

      I’ll go to sleep now.

  6. Birdshark

    Zeno: did you just attach them to the removable sole on the Korker boot or did you have to go into the sole of the boot also? I have similar Korker boots and have been thinking about doing this same thing. Thanks.


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