New issue, winner of Hansom Pelican light and new video

As I briefly mentioned yesterday, the new issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine is live. If you have any issue logging into your account, please contact us. It could be that your subscription is expired or we have a card on file that you since changed. No worries

Obviously you do not need the App to view magazine. For those of you like myself that read everything on desktop, the app wont make any difference. For those of you that live on tablets, it will ,as Tommy would say, change your life!
Not quite, ha-ha


You do have the ability now to use the App to view magazine off line. For example you can download the new issue, go to the beach and read it without having wifi. Obviously in the past you could only read the magazine while online. You can also pinch/zoom on your tablet after tapping it once.
Why did we do it? Becouse you guys are worth it, simple as that. None of us wants SJ to become something that is boring in any way.

Ok, the app itself.

Here is how it worked for me. Go to either Goggle Play Store (Android) or Apple App Store and search for app named 3Dissue. Download the sucker to your device. Its Free

Now go back to your browser. Open your browser like you normally would and log into your SJ account. As the new issue appears you should be automatically prompted by the app by being asked “Do you want to view this with the App”

Click yes or whatever that might be and give it a minute or two and the whole new issue will load up on your device. Then you are all set. In the future you can just tap on the app on your device and go to library and pick and chose your issue

As of right now, today, only current issue 26 is available on the app however our Genius department is working right now on making the whole Archive section available to you via app in few weeks. So stay tuned for more good news and enjoy.

The winner of Pelican Flashlight with adjustable lanyard from Hansom Tackle is
You have until Sunday to contact us via with your shipping address and we will forward it to guys at Hansom tackle. Thank you all and thanks Hansom Tackle for making this possible…


and some neat news from SJ columnist “Crazy” Alberto Knie
Al is working on his new TV show, Tactical Angler for 2015
Here is a first released trailer
More info at


3 comments on “New issue, winner of Hansom Pelican light and new video

  1. mike nj

    awesome……the dude has passion….i respect that….but his passion works….bravo….now wheres my swimmer

    1. zhromin Post author

      i see what happened….tommy forgot to put 25 in archives
      Will take care of it
      Sorry about that


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