Spring cows…

Since I am still trying to unbury myself from avalanche of mail and emails from vacation, you will have to excuse me for maybe bringing “old” stuff.

I read with amusement Fred Golofaro’s article about spring, not fall, giving you a best chance to hook into a larger fish. Funny, some schmuck wrote an article “is spring new fall?” few years ago and they almost laughed him out of town. Very amusing stuff

I for one will keep my subscription to the Fisherman as long as Fred is around. I love that man. Honesty, integrity, compassion, reasonable..the dude is an epitome of a great man and a hell of a surfcaster. I also like that he can see through bullshit when he sees it. Like in recent letters to the editor reply. Glad Fred seen right trough it…and very diplomatic about it, skill I obviously lack

Back to big fish and spring….where will your best shot come?

Depends where you are. Jersey boys will be licking their chops and dreaming about big bass pushing  bunker into the jetties. Canal Rats will be dreaming about herring or mackerel being slapped around in the Big Ditch. And I am sure Montauk, Block or Cutty crews will get their share of slobs by swimming to outer rocks. But very of these few spots are a “sure thing”. Nothing is a sure thing in life other than a fact that your wife will spend at least twice as much as she “estimated”.

There is one spot that coughs up more cows with regularity than any other type of structure, every year, every decade, every generation. With consistency. But it’s not an easy place to fish or learn. But once you get a knock for it, you will keep coming back for more…

I am talking about inlets that dot Northeast barrier beaches and inland. River mouths, canals, anywhere were wicked currents are formed and baitfish travels to and from back bays to the ocean. But don’t take my word for it. I am just a dude behind a keyboard.

Here is the Master speaking of his craft


8 comments on “Spring cows…

  1. CTMatt

    Bucktails catch fish…it i just living by the sword, dying by the sword when you inlet has rocky ledges or a rock garden that goes out sometimes several hundred yeards and you snag up. You get good at tying on pre-fabbed leaders really well. I am sure flouro manufacturers love bucktails too lol.

    I have learned quite quickly bottomwater action typically trumps topwater especially when the water temps are a little lower or if the current is moving particularly fast.

    I was casting first light and lucked out with a few more keepers. I had to be careful on my casting though because i clocked a swan doing 30 knots right past me in the front of my cast haha! My bucktails were getting down though as well as my weighted shads.

  2. AP

    Regarding Fred G…There is no one else like him. The best there is! I have been honored to work with him directly over the past two years and equally honored to be delivering the introduction speech this weekend for his inducton into the New York State Outdoorsmen Hall of Fame. He is one of a kind. AP

  3. David K

    The video was only 3 mins. Is there a full version somewhere? Was this part of the recent series during the winter. I guess i should read the bucktail book again, since i have his book. Just better to watch it sometimes on video.


  4. Rich B.

    How great would a video “give away” be, instead of a plug, especially if its Mr. Skinner’s entire presentation? I’m in! 😀

  5. Eric Burnley

    Please allow me to add my comments on Fred Golofaro. I have worked with Fred since the 1970s. I considert him one of my best friends, not just because he is a great writer and so-so fisherman, but because he is a great person. He and his wife Donna raised three fine sons and then took charge of raising two little girls when the rest of us were enjoying the empty nest expierence. This is just one example of the many good and selfless things Fred and Donna have done over the years. I know of no one else who deserves as much respect as this fine couple.


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