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I watched our columnist Roger Martin land few bass on clams yesterday on south shore. The night before I watched a fellow bang few nice size bass on chunks in the North Shore Harbor. I’ve also seen some teen size fish caught on plugs and I heard about even better things…like weakfish! Did I just say that out loud?

Oh brother…Northern NJ had big bluefish and weekfish feeding in the surf last few days. Yes, you heard me right, I did say weakfish.

As you can see I’ve “seen” quite a bit, I just wish I could participate. I guess until my next Dr appointment I am on injured reserve. I could go if you really, really need me but would probably be out for a season afterward. I did managed few painful cast with a  7 foot Legend and I did managed my first microbass of the season on a guides Secret Mucho Minnow. This was my go to plug last year in May off the marshes in the Sate Channel on Long Island. Funny how you open the bag and stare at 20 swimmers but you are looking for the ONE, the one that you know has a mojo written all over it. I know a lot of guys have been banging fish on Bombers, Mag Darters and seemingly everyone favorite these days, Daiwa SP Minnows.

The swimming plugs are back in the vogue in a BIG way last few years. SP Minnow, Savage, Guides Secret and many others but I think this new insanity started with something else, Mr. Patrick Sebile, the guy behind Sebille plugs.

Here is a little known fact I just got off another site. Patrick is a charter boat captain in this picture in 2003, before he got famous,  who put his French client on a world record tarpon of 286 pounds in  Africa !!!

The story was he got stuffed on a tip…you can’t make this shit up.



Anyway, the fish are here. New Jersey in particular has a reel nice bite going according to our Friends at Fisherman Headquarters. Give them a buzz or stop by their store. Or just do what we do and keep checking their fb page for more info,…that is what we do…lol

You got no more excuses. The wind it’s too cold, it’s too windy, the water is too cold, you have a shrinkage issue in cold surf..only those like myself with Doctor note and camera round our necks are allowed to fart around.

The rest of you, go fish.

I would say by the end of this week the bluefish will be in every inlet on Long Island.  I still say that bait has a big advantage over lures for bigger fish. That doesn’t really ever chance however in few weeks the plug and eel guys and especially jetty jocks will get their shot at massive fish. Right not clam guys are getting anything from microbass to keepers, bunker chunkers are getting bigger fish, generally seven to eight pounds and up and pluggers are getting all of the above.

I even had a  pleasure of watching this future sharpie land a nice fish all on his ownOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

6 comments on “Go get them, they are here

  1. jerry

    Pure dichotomy. Scmbag with his record fish who stiffs on the tip and a proud father with his son and a moment that he’ll never forget.

  2. Jim J.

    Congrats to the winner. I’m just north of boston so we are still waiting for things to heat up but I did get down to the DITCH on friday and positive things were happening herring were jamming themselves in the run plenty of birds, I did not see or get any bites but I know they are on the way I hope my daughter gets as lucky as the young boy did she is 10 and loves to cast plugs. Good Luck to all. Tight lines

  3. Carl

    Been catchin an assortment of bass from the Del bay to IBSP.
    As soon as i get the power plant running gonna pick up my fishin bud Joe and off to the park. Its open down to A27…NICE.
    I got my buggy pass!!
    Quick recovery dude cant miss this.


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