Win Salt Life sunglasses with Zeiss designed lenses.

I rarely ever get impressed by stuff that I consider ” would be nice to have” items for surfcasting. Like a great tide watch or other gizmos like it. But I do have soft spot for anything with word “optics” in them. Like lenses, be that for dslr or video. If I could have every lens I own be made by Carl Zeiss I would be as happy as pig in mud. That co makes the highest quality optics that are used by those whose daily budgets are equal to my lifetime salary. Like Spielbergs of the world. Yeah, really fancy cameras.

I did not know that Zeiss made sunglasses lenses till about  week ago when I received a new pair of shades from Salt Life optics. I checked their website at yeah, they got some nice stuff, priced around $200. But again, all I could think was , really, Zeiss makes sunglass lenses?

Listen, there could be a hundred brands that use Zeiss lenses, the point is I did not know. So I took them to the beach this weekend and tried them on while at water’s edge. Holy shit! The polarization was awesome.

But you know how some shades you got, regardless of cost can give you distorted view and the whole world looks bluefish or yellowish? Like being in Ted Turner Colorized Classic movie? Not these puppies, what you see is what you get. Darker yes but no color distortion. And the clarity? Wow is all I can say.

They even have  little “z” for Zeiss embedded in the lens. Of course once you put them on, it disappears and it does not interfere with vision.

220px-Carl_Zeiss_from_Auerbach_1907Ok, what else. RI-PEL coating. Meaning dirt don’t stick, water repels and it increases scratch resistance. In addition, again Zeiss originated , 5 layer coating to reduce glare, protect and all that other happy stuff…but I still can’t get pass Zeiss!

Maybe because he was a really cool German dude;-)




Watch this video to see the difference between a glasses with orange tint and Salt Life.


Ok, so now that I looked at them for a week, I get to stash them in my truck, right?

Sure, who would know?….but I am not going to do that.

I will give one of you a chance to win a pair of Salt Life Venice shades,hard case and cloth valued at around $200, courtesy of Salt Life at

Good Luck


401 comments on “Win Salt Life sunglasses with Zeiss designed lenses.

  1. Jim J.

    Just walked in from work and checked out surfcasters journal and wow what a pair of glasses count me in for this give away

  2. TedC

    I’m in! I’d love to see the difference. I have a cheap pair of polarized lenses, and i see colors all over the place, its annoying! Cant wear them in the car… It looks like i’m driving on rainbow road! (for those of you fellow mario kart fans… Haha)

  3. dan luisi

    be nice to have somthing to put up against them costas i love having new glasses that no one else has. makes them nuts. my friend will have to run out and get a pair


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