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Some people over the winter have asked me about my opinion on the new Legend Infinity Surf rod. Granted , for every one that asked that, ten more asked about CTS or Century. The funny thing about Infinity is that I can’t really answer that question. There was a rumor that due to so much negative feedback Lami went back and made some changes after what I would call nothing short of disastrous casting demonstration  session at Montauk. So bad it was hilarious.

The sad part is (and so many will deny it to their graves) that Lami could not win. I spoke to guys leading up to that event and realized they already made up their minds from hearing rumors. Nothing this rod could do was going to change that. What they really wanted was GSB on steroids. What they got was high class performance rod. But no one cared. Once Paulie said it should be GSB on steroids people just repeated the same sentence. No one cared what the rod did. All I heard was the same exact comment from all the know-it-all, the tip is “too wimpy”.

This might as well be but I told no one I had one in my truck that Lamiglas folks sent to me. That week we had a 40 mph northwest gale at Shagwong. YoDude was there and many guys from my club. At sunset I stood at Shagwong point and hurled big pencil poppers into the wind…and was the only one to catch fish with Infinity. But that is irrelevant now that we don’t know if Lami made changes or not and no one seems to want to admit one way or another. So the point is moot. But that was one fine rod….

But two things surprised me more than the rod itself . The rod was fine in my opinion, for what it was, another different option for surfcasters. The first thing that had me floored was that a) prostaffers hated the product and b) some claimed this was the first time they have seen it. Now how do you come out with a rod AND THEN send it out for opinions is something I cant understand. Considering manufacturer claims the rod was designed with input from pro staffers. I never seen pro staffers run away from products like that.  Someone here is not telling the truth, not that any of us care.

The second thing is the reaction of public on the major websites. Oh my God, Lami got crushed so bad, and I mean it was like watching hyenas eat an elephant for day after day after day. The pro staffers from other rod companies happily fed the flames and public ate it stock, lock and barrel. It seems that keyboard fisherman know better how to design rod, guide layout, grip, than any manufacturer. I fact, manufacturer are just bumbling idiots who export their production to China where they pollute the rivers and cause the world to END SOONER. They seem to also be responsible for Tsunami in Japan and word hunger.

Are you kidding me?… I have never seen an attack like this before, almost coordinated……….oh wait, I DID SEE IT. Now I remember. Some of you guys remember the PLUG WARS? BM vs. Habs vs. this guy and that guy. Yeah, kind of reminds me of that. And some of the people who had interest in Lamiglas falling on their face stroked the flames on purpose to benefit themselves. I understand, its business. That does not mean I have to like it.

Just my take of why you do not hear much about most popular surf rod company in history and about their flagship new product. Think about this. Most of us had or have Lami rod. I had more than dozen at one point . Every question we get on the blog or the internet is St Croix, CTS, Century, FSC .Yes,  am I excited to see Tsunami Elite makes an appearance this June. If I told you that you will get a $400 performance for under $200 you won’t believe me so just hang on and see for yourself. At least if finish product is as same as prototypes I’ve seen recently.

Why am I writing this on a Saturday night at midnight while my family is sleeping, my elbow is screaming and my back is creaking? I don’t know, I guess it bothers me that so many went after the company and Infinity line without never casting, without never seeing what this rod can do. A person within Lamiglas organization asked me if I thought that the newcomers like CTS and Century have legs or are they just a flash in the pan. This was few years ago when they just arrived on the scene. I told them it seemed like the fad at the time, just like plugs. I don’t feel that way anymore. I am not sure to what extent a surf fishing is important to them or to what extent a surf is a percentage of their sales. All I know is that from the first year I started surfcasting in early 90’s till few years ago ,when you want to take that “next step” up , when you got a Van Staal or ZeeBaaS and you were ready to make a major commitment to the sport, you got a Lamiglas rod.

I don’t remember last time someone asked for my opinion on a Lamiglas rod on any kind. Which is kind of disturbing because on the end of the day, Lami WAS surf fishing for so long..

The day Tommy gets a rod a it does not say Lamiglas on it is the day you can mark as “an event”.Why? Cause no one is a bigger fan than YoDude, of Lamiglas or Van Staal reels…. Oh snap, he just got a nine foot Fiberstar and a ZeeBaaS 22 for back bays and north shore last week.

Hide your wife and children..the END is near 🙂

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  1. Dave Whitney

    Lami’s are tried and true in my book. Don’ have experience with the Infinity yet, I might be the last guy to still love Super Surfs.
    The bashers would have no argument if it were not for GSB’s and the Ron Arras. I’m glad the other manufactures have steeped up the game but Lami will always be the leader in my book.

  2. CTMatt

    Let me say this as a St. Croix guy…

    You fish what you know…you fish what you feel comfortable with. There are open minded folks who actually see the spectrum of available rods from lamiglas and can appreciate the situations where that rod accels. My fishing buddy had his GSB redone and I picked it up from the shop for him to save him a trip. I can absolutely appreciate using this rod to horse a healthy cow. Surfcasters that put their time in with these rods can absolutely be some of the most devoted surfcasters to their gear.

    I started a few years ago with Tica and eventually St. Croix Mojo/Legend and ZeeBaaS. It fits my casting style, the places I fish and thankfully my current budget. It works for me. It may not for you. I still fish my Ticas because they catch. They are not as sophisticated or tough as a Lami but it works for me and many others.

    What kills me is how quick folks are to react to something they have never used or have held in their hands. It isn’t fair to Lami or whatever product of the week/month/season pops up . The internet puts something on blast and the masses follow thinking that someone who didn’t drop out of grammar school made this assumption or review. It is pretty easy to call these people out thankfully.

    There are many types of Surfcasters. Folks who are oldschool and stick with what works for them, folks who run and gun with the latest tech gadgets and put down anything that isnt on the bleeding edge of surfcasting, and then the keyboard jockeys who don’t actually fish but they talk about fishing and scour the internet to start crap about things they don’t use. They are the poison that ruins fishing for a lot of folks trying to make an educated decision on gear. So instead of going out to their local B+T they look exclusively to the forums for their answers…and they get nearly nothing of substance.

  3. Mark P

    It is what it is, they are who we thought they are. Lol. You know I recently built a century I own multiple Lamis, A Tica, a breakaway, a VS and A Zee, they all have their place in our world.

    I look at it from a value stand point. If I can spend 200 dollars and accomplish the same thing I would if I were to spend 400 why would I spend 400. The rod wars are ridiculous. Lami is a proven player with a proven track record of putting out a product that is reliable. If pro staffers from x y or z want to flame each other out let em. We as consumers that fork over hard earned money for gear will eventually weed out the companies that are not worth investing our dollars in. There are no secrets in surf fishing. The interweb takes care of that.

  4. rplotkin

    I don’t know about other people but i find nothing wrong with the rod. the grip i like. the rod tip is sensitive, can feel what the plug is doing. it loads well.

  5. CTMatt

    Bottom line is nobody should care what anyone uses. The real surfcasters actually go out and demo products and use real world experience to make their decisions. Let the masses tell everyone what they should fish and why. It really shouldn’t surprise anyone.

  6. Greg Cudnik

    the lamiglas infinty series is sharp! those that bash them have not fished them (or have skewed opinions from the start). their quality is some of the best found in the world. great tapers with very good materials, mfg’d in the usa… couldn’t get better. there are lots of rod mfgs, all with different offerings. first know what is best for you and second find it, it takes time. just cause X is is this just rod doesn mean it’s right for you.

    not sure exactly what rods were “tested” or who tested them or who even built them but I can assure you if you want a top of the line performance rod lamiglas will give you a great blank in the infinity line. I feel that the 132HM trimmed up just right (im not saying where) and built by someone who knows rods is an EPIC surf rod that kicks some serious ass.

  7. Chris A

    Great article. And yes why would you say something if you have not spent time on a rod. I think Zeno one important thing that going on in the sport. There is a lot of new comers or fishman moving up or down to a differant angling experience. So they need rods but I bet none have beach buggys. So two peice is what they need. Now the surfcaster has choices. I can tell you that laimglass 2 piece is behind the times with a very flat bend or in othes word they feal like a two peice rod in the past. St Criox have a great rep because a lot of older guys want a lighter rod and dont need to put these rods through punishment before get to the spot to fish.

    I have had the the pleaser of owneing the new FSC montauk rod and can tell you that this is a special rod. I recommend it and to all looking for a new rod its worth look at.

  8. Iverfish

    There is a point when forum discussions just become yakking…
    On the beach, rod in hand, and you decide if it fits your style…

    Lamiglas has earned my respect, admiration, and loyalty.

  9. Dave Whitney

    I got my first batch of Sling Shots coming and can’t wait to build them.
    We as surfcasters are very lucky to have such a broad selection of rods to fish with. Every caster is different and different rods fit different people.
    To say one sucks over another is clearly an opinion and like aholes we all have one!

  10. Ryan

    the infinity surf rods are great rods. load well, sensitive, and can cast pretty well. For the people without beach buggies as stated earlier need 2 pieces. This rod is a 70/30 split and is a great 2 piece rod that has the feel of a one piece…. don’t know why more people do not use it.

  11. David Price

    I know this post is old but I own the 11′ infinity and they are well made and perform well. Good quality, performance and supports American manufacturing .

  12. Brian keega

    I bought the 11′. 1 piece infinity new condition from a friend
    I absolutely love this rod.. I had never heard any rumors prior to seeing It first hand
    Paired with a z 27. Plenty of back bone and a great feel over all

  13. Flatheadfletch

    I was a salmon fisherman for years and always used Lami rods. Now on the gulf coast side I have been wanting to surf fish. I have researched and researched the web over and over. This rod that rod fast med med heavy, finally was so confused as to what would be best for me ! I ordered a Lami infinity 10MHS 2-5 !! Didn’t research it, just saw a pic and had to have it. Bought it new off eBay ! Then found out they were discontinued.. Who cares. It’s awesome !!!!


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