Gary Soldati Big Water lure giveaway

I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving with your families. I had all intentions of running the beaches again this morning (burning gas would be more accurate description) but the head cold  knocked me out. I am not yet convinced that is over for few reason. One, we haven’t really seen the really small bass make appearance, the “end of the year” class that usually signals the end is near. There is shitload f bunker in the area and now is joined by herring. The water temps are still on the high side for this time of the year.

All that being said, I know 99% of the population would sign up for 60 degrees and sunny and calm on a black Friday but we don’t do what 99% of other people do. We could really use a weather event to maybe stir some stuff up. But don’t tell that to guys in some parts of NJ who have been on a solid bite or guys in Rockaway’s, I don’t think they want any changes right now. So although the End might be near, I am not ready to declare that it is. And in few weeks the catchers and pitchers will report for spring training and we’ll start driving our wives crazy all over again
The winner of last week Salt Life shades giveaway is Congrats , you got 5 days to contact us at with your shipping address.efcdc
Today’s giveaway is  a courtesy of Gary Soldati from Big Water Lures. Probably the most in-demand giant pike ever used in the surf. I mean this is the work of art even down to the long flag.

Good luck and get out there and have fun

Gary will be attending SJ  Striper Day at Hofstra U on January 09, 2016. You can get all the info on the show website at www.striperday.comSTRIPERDAY34

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