SJTV Episode # 3 is up for your viewing pleasure

Ok guys, I wont bore you to death with my sob story that my iMac crashed, got fixed on Saturday and promptly crashed again on Sunday. Its a holiday season so lets stick to GOOD NEWS and positive vibe. (Please Apple call me…lol)

SJTV Episode #3 is up for your viewing pleasure. Log into your account and then click on SJTV “Current issue”



ps..this is a note for blog readers only. If you need some SJ gear, a lot of the shirts in the online store are 50% OFF this week, just in case our blog readers need a thing or two for the holidays, you know, from me to me kind of deal. Thats all I am going to say about that

carry on

6 comments on “SJTV Episode # 3 is up for your viewing pleasure

  1. anon

    Craig’s piece was the best; Lou’s second (even as that is the most well known knot tying tool which fly guys have been using for 30+yrs). A little bit disappointed to be honest; seemed unplanned at best.

  2. Paul

    Enjoyed the episode, I learn some new things. Zeno is’nt there some type of fashion fopa wearing white shorts while fishing for Bluefish

  3. joe ganun ( JoeG@Breezy)

    Nice work. Always something to learn. looking forward to Striper Day so I can re-up through the next millenium.


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