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We have few big things to announce in the next week or so. Please be patient until we put finishing touches on what we are working on but I can assure you most of you will be very happy. We will also announce the winners of Surfcasters lures giveaway this weekend so stay tuned for that too. And ,btw, for those of you that are twitter crackheads, you can follow us now on Twitter @SurfcasterJRNL

Whatever that means… sooner or later we will need to clone ourselves to keep up with twitter, linking, fb, google+, instagram and on and on. who needs to go fishing when you can be an internet celebrity on so many outlets?

Today we will give you a chance to win a  very special and extremely sick surf belt from our friend  Jamie at Flatlander Surfcasting. To say this thing is overbuilt would be a colossal understatement. Last time I seen anything like this was when Hunter was making belts.

When was the last time you’ve seen a belt that stood like this on its own ? That is one stiff belt!gvetfgv

You want a buckle that can only be opened with by pressing both ends?



Here is description given to me by Jamie

AustriAlpin Cobra polymer buckle.

Since it’s polymer it doesn’t corrode in saltwater, it is great in the surf and it is easy to use with gloves on.  Also, the AustriAlpin system is very secure and requires BOTH releases to be pushed at the same time in order for the belt to be removed (that’s why it’s used on police belts – very secure). 

Two layers of stiff dive belt webbing plus an outer layer of adjustable webbing.  On the inside of the belt I line it with loop velcro so you can slide on a d-ring (with hook velcro inside the loop) and the d-ring will not slide around the belt – it will stay in place.

I have had a number of questions asking if I can show exactly how my belt functions so I enlisted my daughter to shoot this quick video. I hope this helps!

Posted by Flatlander Surfcasting on Monday, March 16, 2015

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    1. Jarlath Crowe

      I got one like that and I love it. I added a pair of stiff nylon zipper bag (4″wide X 7″H X 3″deep) that has 3 tubes for 6″ plugs as well as elastic straps for tins for CC Canal fishing, so it’s easy to wear it while biking or long walks on CC beaches.


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