I am sure a lot of you have been antsy to get out on the water. As you should be, it has been a brutal winter. Our job is to hopefully make the winters more bearable and I hope we helped a little. We are working on two major things that we hope will fall into place by this weekend and we can make an announcements. One is a STRIPERTHON 2015 sponsored by PENN. There will be two this year, spring and fall with great prizes for longest fish from our friends at PENN, Spiderwire, StormR , Super Strike Lures and Guppy lures. The  third even I am not at liberty to discuss yet but I am pretty psyched about it. i just never thought it would be so difficult to pull off. Explanation coming this weekend.

The past week winners

The winner of this crazy overbuilt Flatlander Belt is Tom Pirraglia. Tom you have 5 days to contact us at with your shipping address

For those of you who are interested in the belt, find Flatlander Surfcasting on FB or contact Jamie at as he only makes these belts by order and in size you need


The winner of  this  Surfcasters Lure from is

Mike Cellansasas

The winner of  this  Surfcasters Lure from is

Kevin kline3144620bc99b717408c6d06a3a199003 2

The winner of  this  Surfcasters Lure from is Nelson R Puchabe6230f63eeb463ffbdc9aa423bd0837 2

All the winners, you have 5 days to claim your winnings by emailing us your shipping address at

Now that show season is over, I am looking back and saying holly molly did Surf Day grew into an “event” over the past few years. And I am also thinking that plug craze is “back on” from what I have seen at Berkeley and Asbury. I am conflicted on this one, as my bag is loaded with Super Strike but man oh man, some of the stuff these guys make today is pure art. Its up to you if you decide to get it wet. I use to snicker at idea of buying new plugs to collect as I always have held onto my Donny’s and Danny’s stuff and not much else. But after seeing some wild stuff at shows I wish I had a man cave where I could hang them and stare at them. Yeah, you probably are noticing if you live anywhere other than NJ that we never talk about surf related events in your state. I know many have tried to pull it off in my back yard and over the years none had gained any traction and I am not sure if they even exist today. Makes you wonder why, doesn’t it? And for those of you who complain that Fisherman Fall Surf show has $25 admission, I would not be surprised if its $40 in few years. Why? Go ask a hotel in buckfuckvile LI to see how much empty ballroom costs in the middle of winter to rent during the day with no food? few grand, five the most..ok , maybe 7? How about cool 10k? They better be serving caviar off Kate Upton bosom’s for that price! Long Island, the land of NIMBY and Hampton prices even if you are hundred miles from Hamptons! Jersey anglers win this battle hands down. Surf Day, Asbury, Berkley AND Somerset. Good for them. I like the what CT CSA guys are doing. Hope they grow it into something big.

There are fish being caught as we speak in NJ and CT (ahhh, the wonderful power of instant FB selfie posting). They are mostly holdovers but they are fish to be had. I know we had a brutal winter but fish have been on the move from down south for awhile now. All we need is a week of “normal” weather and you’ll see the life all around you. Normal would be a day without snow or flakes

Let me know when that happens

3 comments on “Winners

  1. Brian K

    Z and the crew at SCJ best hopes to all of you for another succesful spring, summer and fall from Montgomery County Anglers! It won’t be long now with some warmer weather on the horizon for much of the areas fishing to start happening. A lot of our club members are chomping at the bit to hit the beach, banks and boats this year as I see your crews are. Lets hope everyone has a safe and sucessful fishing season!
    With that said lets ALL think about what we actually “take” this year. Nothing wrong with taking a few fish home we catch to grill or eat or even share with some less fortunate to be able to get out and fish or that can not afford to do so. Remember you can always “take” a picture or 2 and release some fish ( should we be lucky enough to catch some


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