New video from Sj…Bill Wetzel on mojo and superstition

Are surfcasters superstitious?

Here is Hardest Working Surf Fishing Guide, Bill Wetzel with his thoughts on the subject


10 comments on “New video from Sj…Bill Wetzel on mojo and superstition

  1. VIC D

    I watched this video with the audio ..OFF .. and Wetzel cracks me up ! Then I turned the audio ..ON .. and P…ED my pants laughing !!!! He is the most hard working AND the funniest on the beach.. NO DOUBT

  2. Joe GaNun

    Did the parking space thing with Bill. his spot unfortunately did not work. If I asked you to pick the most distinguishable piece of fishing wear, anywhere on LI ,would anything come to mind before Bill’s hat. probably not. Loved the video becaaauuuse …I too have fishing superstitions.

  3. Wahoo88

    I once listened to “Miami 2017” on the way to Jones Inlet, then caught a good-sized sea robin, so I’m not entirely buying into to Wetzel’s “Billy Joel Jinx” theory…


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