They are baaaack!!

Sadly, Jeff Chobot, the original winner of these sweet Guppy’s puppies never contacted us within 5 days as our rules state. So we will give you a chance to win these Great looking pencil poppers from Guppy Lures  again..cause that is how we roll at SJ……but there is a catch this time…lets avoid mindless “I am in” entries, instead just tell us what was your favorite part/story,/picture of this issue of SJ and we will pick a random winner sense in waiting, either you are in or out…and every guy that posts “I am in” will be disqualified immediately and will receive ten lashes on his buttocks with a wet noodle. Capish….?

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224 comments on “They are baaaack!!

  1. Jerry

    Good morning. I loved Mark Mead’s photo essay on his family summers in Montauk during the early 1940s and throughout the 1950s.

  2. MOOSE

    I liked the whole journal. Z and the SCJ crew you guys do an amazing job and I want to thank you for that. Now my favorite section was on pages 83-90 “The road to Montauk circa 1942” by Mark Mead. This was a great read and very enjoyable. I love nostalga. I am 29 and really enjoy hearing about and seeing pictures of places that I enjoy today. It makes me truly appreciate the beauty of M. and all the ritch fishing heritage.

  3. Rich M

    plugaholics dave anderson he keeps my in check from going nuts painting my plugs to death (a little)lol i cant resist

  4. mike

    Pg 87 that pic is terrific actually all of those pics r terrific in the “road to montauk” article it shows how long this sport has exsisted and how far its come i really LOVE the old storys and pictures…Keep them comin guys really great job!!!!

  5. CHIEF500

    It’s really tough to say. I love the interviews with plug builder, bag manufacturers and the people involved with our sport and share our addiction (Steve from AOK, Charlie from Choopy Lures, Tom from Commando Surfcasting) or the how to articles like how to put together a emergency pac for yuor rods or how to replace guides on the fly.
    BUT the one that keeps me coming back to re-read over and over that really hit home was in the 7th issue “Last Man Standing” by Richard Troxler.

  6. David Strom

    Hard to pick just one part, Z., it’s all good.

    Since I *have* to choose, I’m picking Dave Anderson’s Plugaholics article. Please thank Dave & ask him to please keep these good articles coming.

    Thanks, Z.

    David Strom

  7. Ernie

    Ive been on a history kick lately so i would have to say “Road to Montauk” article. Always enlightining reading about traditions and generations of fishing in a place with so much history already

  8. Croaker

    At this time of the day, I’ll have to say “Beach to Table” by Chef Andrew Chase. I’m Hungry! Looks GOOOOD!
    pg 20-21

  9. Michael Stefani

    I liked the the article on galvanic corrosion. I felt bad when you got the first flat then awhile later ended up with another.who would know metal valve caps would corrode the valve stem? There is something to learn from that article.

    Thank You everyone have a great spring run.

  10. Brian Miles

    I appreciate the “info” pages as they provide a realistic and honest description of the various items and enable me to continue to be a “tackle tart extraordinaire”. I can then fish with better equipment and enjoy my fishing more, following the advice of the various contributors who motivate all of us with their experiences.

  11. Jeff Colson

    I enjoyed the interview with Tom White of Commando Surfcasting. It was great to hear his story and learn a little more about the bags he makes. Going to have to get me one of them some day!

  12. george cerny

    “The Road to Montauk” reminded me of my Pop and Uncle Frank who taught me to fish in the ’50s. Thanks so much.

  13. Josh

    Plugaholics Anonymous, read it from work…on my iPhone in a conference! Immediately ran out and snagged some new colors thereafter.

  14. Andrea Shimer

    I like the ” Big Rock: Galvanized Corrosion ” Artical telling about his trip on the beach and how the sand corrose the trucks we use to drive on and off the beach. Also has some good pointers in the artical.

  15. John B

    I’m torn between two favorites, Rollin With The Rock (I’ve had days like that, though not quite as bad…) and the Commando Interview.

  16. uncatim

    I like the squid salad recipe. Work is too slow now for me to dream about plugs, or rods, or setting up the “95 Yukon the way I want…

  17. Glenn Sales

    I liked the interview with “Tom White” and the assoicated photos. I just purchased a Commando Bag. I spoke to Tom on the phone and exchanged emails. Tom’s customer service and the quality of his bags are second to none in my opinion! Great timing on the article…

  18. bridgetroll64

    great review on the penn reel! cant afford one, but really liked how in depth it was. maybe a cash5 ticket will help me one of these times.

  19. Paul Sibiga

    I really enjoyed seeing the older pictures of late surfcasters such as the ones on pages 84-89, thanks for the chance

  20. brent lussier

    i like the old school lures im lucky enough to own a couple vintage stan gibbs poppers and only imagine the action they saw with all those fat cows around back then, i would nt mind seeing more articles on old time lures and fishermen thanks

  21. Charlie P

    I liked the plugbuilders’ articles and the article about corrosion. That happened to the wheel on my wife’s car in October. What a headache, but at least it was close to home not on the beach.

  22. Mike

    The lure article about color or lack there of. Just finished Doc’s book and coincides with his opinions. Also liked beach to table, can’t wait to try it…

  23. TomS

    Reel Review by Alan Hawk pg 170 “Manufacturers usually misrepresent reels’ weight, and Penn honored that tradition.” HAHA

  24. Scott B

    I liked page 109, the Delaware surf article since my uncle has a place down there and I plan to go do some surfcasting this spring down there.

  25. Tim M

    This issue just made me hungry from reading about your trip to Costa Rica and some of the meals you had and the recipe for calamari. I got in my truck and drove to 3 places looking for squid.

  26. Tim

    I really enjoyed the interview with Tom White from Commando Surfcasting. It’s always fun to hear about the creative process especially coming from an entreprenuer who obviously values a quality product as much as he evidently does. The photography rocked as always too Zeno, lol!

  27. Dan Radman

    I hate galvanic action! That’s all I can say. After reading your article, brought back bad memories of two almost identical instances that happened to me. Valve stem and wheel/hub problem. Learned my lesson. Now back to learning about fishing! Ha! Thanks Z and team for keeping SJ fresh! Lots of great articles.

  28. Tim R

    Going with the article on “GALVANIC CORROSION” great information and insight on how something so basic could really ruin ones day.

  29. firstlight

    I’m partial the “A Surfcaster’s Paradise” photo at Cuttyhunk. I’m also a big fan of Guppy pencils. Heading north in search of snow today, but I’ll be checking my emails when I return.

  30. emgred

    It’s a toss up between Andrew’s great looking Squid Salad recipe and his glazed out ugly mug that is the background to the “Old Friend” poem. LOL



    To be completely honest z its a toss up between plugaholics color article and mr hawks in depth look at the torque since i purchased one this fall and killed with it and a sling shot.

  32. mark m @ ""

    I like all of the articles and photos, but the one that really makes me stare every time is the ad for Cuttyhunk Fishing Club. I believe it’s because there is always something new to see and imagine o earlier times. The whole ad speaks volumes.

  33. Jim M.

    Its hard to pick a favorite, especially this issue, its a lot to soak in and makes a brutal commute much more bearable, thanks! I like how there’s a great mix of everything, you hit a lot of different facets of surf fishing with these issues and that’s why I love what you folks do.

    I wouldn’t call it a favorite but I can’t get enough of the squid article and I loved the face my wife made when I pointed it out. I really liked the nostalgia with the Montauk article, that what great. I guess I’d call that the favorite if I had to get nailed down, I find I like to reach for the historical stuff when its time to park it by the fire with a beer.

    It’s all good, and many thanks for bringing it all together!

  34. russellm32

    The girl crying OMG on page 29 and the ads to send SJ money … great stuff .. really the review on the penn torque reel was jam packed

  35. pistol pete

    I love the new content, But I cant tell you just how good it makes me feel every time I see the add for the cuttyhunk fishing club!!!

  36. harv

    Reading ron decasstanza descrip of the swimmer he likes from lordship. I forget what he called it but I immed got one from rivers end in same color

  37. Lenman

    Probably too late for prize…or maybe not…but at least for feedback I really enjoy articles like Plugaholics annomyous.


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