Dude I lost my bass !

Hanging out with Tommy at Montauk is  never dull….ever


neither is Montauk


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31 comments on “Dude I lost my bass !

  1. Jim M.

    Great post, that was a hoot. Daughter wanted to know if you needed a license for that bad boy, or just a learner’s permit… Thanks for posting!

  2. Jerry

    Heard yellow is such a hot color in montauk because all the painted lane dividers in the road are yellow. Old timers told me that the B&T owners used to “contribute” to the highway dept when they built up a big inventory of a specific color of lure. Explains the bubblegum pink lines in the road that one year during the hot weakfish bite.

  3. Allen W

    Zeno and Tommy, comedy has to be your next venture. That video was the bomb but I’m sorry for Tommy’s broken rod.
    Maybe you guys need a prop person on the next shoot.
    Thanks for making my weekend.

  4. R Kretzer

    too funny 🙂 did the rod break or come apart at the coonection
    “if it was a 2-piece ” the video looks like tommy was slipping it back together? what kind of rod was it?

  5. matt

    That video was a good laught1 ..

    I bumped into you guys Saturday mourning about 9 had a red Loomis hat on in the silver civic. …

    LOL i will say this, knowing you where running around with a camera ready to catch my potential screw ups on video was in the back of my mind? hope you didn’t get any and there where about 3.

  6. mattm

    Priceless… I was up there for the 1st time this past week and had a good time. I booked Bill Wetzel and wore one of your T’s he recognized it and started talking about you guys.

  7. pistol pete

    Z… I TOTALLY appreciate all the hard work that goes into your highly polished and edited videos with music , but I honestly enjoy this type of video so much more! It allows the viewer to be there with you at the moment.

  8. backlash

    That video just proves that some of the best moments in Montauk begin and end in the lot. The BS and comradery that gets exchanged around there is part of the experience. Sometimes its the best part. Great momment caught there guys!

  9. Bruce Bjork

    John Skinner didn’t cover this method of bucktail fishing in his book? Very funny and you’re right most of my memorable fishing experiences are enhanced by what takes place afterwards in the parking lot, boat ride back to the dock, lunch after hours of fishing etc..

  10. matt vigg

    Great video I happened to be there that day.Broken rod sucks.Z I was In that pic you took I’m on the far left in the wetsuit.Not all of the blitzes were out of range though.Love the site Z.


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