Win a signed copy of Surfcasting Around the Block book

I been running on fumes last few days just staring at the Mac and trying to delete some clips I don’t think are any good from camera. There was over a thousand when I started and I got rid of few hundred. Looking for few thousand more clips in the next week or so , so smile if you are on the camera! Because I assume the Doctor will tell me today that my season is more or less done. Or he will give me another cortisone shot…very few places where I have not got one

Anyway, it is what is. Here are some good news. The MTK LTD shirts are back in stock, and SJ Time and Tide are back in stock too. And everyone that had a shirt on backorder, it was shipped last night. And we have a surprise in the shirt department coming hopefully today. Just waiting for a picture of it.

You all know Dennis Zambrotta came out with new book Surfcasting Around the Block recently. It is available at SWE, River’s End, Causeway and Fisherman’s Supply. He was nice enough to send us a signed copy for us to give away to one lucky blog reader

Good Luck

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163 comments on “Win a signed copy of Surfcasting Around the Block book

  1. Keith Alexander

    Im in , hey I get my shot next Monday 6:30 am . I’m to the point of needle and pins in my feet and legs I will miss the rest of the fall run . Hope the shots give you some releaf

  2. mr.lentini

    I am in..Cortizone shots suck I used to get them in my knee all the time back in college..even threw a bunch in my the end they suck and dont help (for me at least)

  3. Gary Savage

    Hoping for nothing but good news from your doctor today. Would love to win this book! I’m in! Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. Bruce Bjork

    I’m in. I’m also getting a steroid injection this Friday for a persistent back problem, broke my neck surfing in the 60’s and it’s never been the same since.

  5. Tommy S.

    I’m in Z. Thank you. I have the same problems you
    are battling for uears with the tendonitis. I feel your
    pain. Try some CT creme. Google it. It works ๐Ÿ˜‰


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