My turn to ask if you got something I might need

It’s not often that I ask you for something. Most of the time is “this is what I got” to which you reply in unison “I am in” and we move along. 🙂 But today I am going to put a request for stuff that most of you probably do not posses ,however, you might know someone that does.

I am working on a project that involves history of surf fishing at Montauk Point.

What I am looking for are any pictures of old town of Montauk from WWII on , especially related to surf fishing. Old gear, guys like Jack Frech, tackle store owner Johnny K, fishing or beach shots, creepers, gaffs , belts, whatever you got I am ready to look at.

Video…God knows I would love a video of something, beach buggies, people fishing or just chilling, any time from 1950 to about 1990. I have sincerely never really seen any.

So if you have an idea, a lead or something in your possession, please contact me at

PS. All of you that wave Montauk new LTD Large shirts on backorder, expect a shipping next week. Sorry about that.

And we have a suprise for you in the shirt department next week…stay tuned


In the mean time, enjoy this oldie but goodie


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17 comments on “My turn to ask if you got something I might need

  1. matt viggiano

    Please allow me to say how intriguing and enjoyable it is to watch these old clips.However it’s also disheartening at the same time.This being filmed at a time were the striper population was not even a thought and the surfcaster gets to show the rewards of his efforts in the surf.Being a surfcaster who doesn’t get out but a handful of trips a year feels guilty even keeping one fish for the table.What a shame.I think the Surfcastersjournal and the large number of followers can potentially assist in getting the word out to the masses about catch and release and protecting our fishery.

  2. Peter Douma

    zeno, ill look at my uncles house in EH. His brother had been surf fishing since the 70’s in mtk. its not that old, but i am sure i can dig up some old pics. i know i found some gear, but i will look around. Since his passing, its been hard to find where he kept alot of the stuff, but i can keep looking

  3. rob distefano

    great old time flick, i’d seen it many times before. the great old 50’s fishing montauk, the way it used to be when dad took me out casting ditch plains for stripers and blues back in ’55, with home made glass poles and penn reels, just like in the movies. those were the dayze … wish i had some pix from back then, too.

  4. fishtrek

    Good seeing the short. Don’t have pictures, just stories of my Grandfather going out of Sheepshead Bay If are interested just let me know and I will write them down. The stories are hand me downs from my grandpa, mother & dad. Very fond…

  5. matt

    LMAO … The narrator needs to fix his scale the last 45# fish was more like 16. Gotta love the old school propaganda. One of these days I’ll have one of those Willys …

  6. Steve M.

    Great video! I always anticipate Bugs Bunny making an appearance when I’m watching that old school footage. I particulary like the boat…a real classic.

  7. CTMatt

    I do enjoy the video spot burn on the boat with the phone and the fake added drag noise when he is retrieving haha. That guy would never be gaining any line like that.

    What happened to the gentleman in this sport? Seems especially the boaters and the bait soakers always look down on the pluggers every time I hit a jetty because they have 64 lines in the water and I need to cast from a rock in the surf. Also seems the modern sharpie is too good for some basic common courtesy. I have helped dozens of guys with a leader/clip/advice when they needed a hand but the sheer competition I feel out there at times just creates unnecesary drama. I am not trying to make surfcasting snooty like some golfers but i wish more people were having as much fun as i am when I am out there. “Melnyk” level fun 🙂 Do people take themselves too seriously nowadays?

    Only thing I didn’t like was tossing the fish in the beginning but obviously he is a commercial fisherman in a different time…

  8. Gene A

    Thanks for the video. For older photos, videos for surf fishing at Montauk Pt., you might contact the publishers of the magazine “The Fisherman” ( Long Island Metro NY Edition, 631-345-5200). Some months ago, they were publishing old photos and stories in their magazine about fishing Montauk.

  9. Doug

    Nice short film. It really took me back to fishing Watch Hill, RI in the the early 60’s with my dad. The hip waders, plugs, pole etc. I still have his plug kit for the beach untouched from those days, with everything laid out the way he left it in the boxes with the price tags ($1.75 atom popper) on them and everything.

  10. jettyjunkie

    i do have old fishing photos of montauk from my grandfather. he was raised there. finding them is another story. as far as gear. i do have jack frech darters if you need.


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