Crazy winter

Even if you are like me, at home wrapped in a blanket with an onset of a cold and feeling miserable, you know that the game is on. I’ve read comments like “best mackerel fishing in 40 years”. And you know what comes on the tail of mackerel…yes, bluefish.

Except they are already cutting lines up and down New Jersey coast with their razor sharp teeth. Crazy if you ask me… The clam bite in NJ is very good and inlets on Long Island are giving fish..again, nutty. Especially when you consider that east end bays are already loaded with adult bunker. So go out and fish, you might be pleasantly surprised for a change.

I’d like to welcome another sponsor to SJ Blog, Barry Kronberg who makes some good looking gear for surfcasters. His website is We are looking forward to trying his clips this spring. You can also click on his banner on the left hand side of the blog.

I wish I could have attended the River’s End annual Surf Day, I heard that a good time was had by all. But I already had a previous commitment on a new project I am starting to work on. Just like the books and SJ, it is nerve-racking to try something new.

And for today’s special treat, here is a 22 minute interview with none other than William “Doc” Muller. Doc has authored many surf fishing bestsellers including the Fishing with Experts, Secrets of Surf Fishing at Night, Fishing the bucktails and of course, his newest book, SURFCASTER.

Pour a cup of coffee and enjoy..we know many of you cant get to seminars to meet your favorite authors. We try to bring them into your house


As I always said, it our job to bring you the content no one else will. Becouse you guya are worth it.

Thank is it for me, I am wrapping myself back in the blanket and see if I can shake this thing off at least a little by this evening..I did promised Da Wife that I will take her out to dinner to celebrate 23 years since the first date. Feeling a little old writing that but it’s all good, these were all great years.


You can find Doc’s new book SURFCASTER here in the online store and at your neighborhood retailers and Amazon.

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15 comments on “Crazy winter

  1. Dave Whitney

    Z, Get well soon. Had this crap run through my place.
    Got out this morning to get one dink. Even got to see Doc fish on the north shore this morning. Thanks for the video.
    Had dinner last night at the place I took my wife to 23 years ago. Still don’t know why she likes me.

  2. Keith

    Hey it ‘s good to here that Doc is up around , He was around much last year with his back hurting him . I hope he pain free this year it will be good seeing him on the beach .

  3. Rav

    actually it’s spring Zeno *officially*
    winter crushed our place on Halloween
    then crushed the green house last storm.
    The most snow damage we’ve ever experienced
    so GOOD riddance winter!you Bastid

    Put some Cayenne Pepper in a salt shaker
    and have some hot Salsa with your eggs.
    Feel better Man.

  4. CTMatt

    Z what are the chances that more books like Docs will be online/ipad friendly? I have a hard copy but reading it away from home, on the train/whatever has a lot of convenience built in. Great video from a great asset to surfcasting.

  5. Bill H

    Hope that alot of people will listen to Doc regarding conservation. I fished through the 70’s – 80’s and if something isn’t done soon alot of guys will be using there $ 900 reels to fly kites.

  6. Greg Tucceri

    The thing that sticks with me the most out of this vid is the the work that goes into this sport or any type of fishing for that matter. I here the the same things Doc says at my friends bait and tackle shop all the time,where can I go to catch fish. When I’m there and I here this stuff I fight the urge to not be a smart ass. And say the water or the local market. I am five years into this sport now and have had alot of ups and downs. Most of the times in the early stages I wouldn’t even fish I would just go down to the CC Canal and just watch even when people were landing one after another. All in all you get back what you put in, You can read all the books and watch all these great vids, but if you don’t put into application what good is it.

  7. Jeremy A

    Feel better soon Z and thank you for bringing this great content as usual! I was not able to make it to any shows or seminars so it makes my day.


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