Win a Henderson StormR Typhoon Jacket

Sometimes a product comes along that makes you stop and pause. To this day I am still hopeful that Dri-Core will make a comeback although I am not holding my breath. But there is something new out there, from people I have tremendous respect for. Henderson makes wetsuits we all want to have. They are synonymous  with quality and innovation

But wait, what does this have to do with jackets? I am glad you asked. Henderson just debuted a StormR Typhoon jacket. I haven’t got my hand on one…yet. In fact one of you will before I do :-)…..but just reading the description below from Saltwater Edge site makes me drool. Wetsuit for land??? Nice description.

So when folks from Saltwater Edge in RI aka Edge Angling ( and Henderson offered Surfcaster’s Journal Blog readers a chance to win one, we were very pleased. I will always have a soft spot for crew at Saltwater Edge. They have supported me from a day one when I wrote my first book and trough the years have been a great friends. Today they support SJ via Red Gill you see in the magazine. Truly a first class operation, from top to bottom, and wonderful people I am honored to call friends.

So what is the deal?

Saltwater Edge is making this possible, for one of you lucky dogs to win a new Henderson StormR Typhoon Jacket in your choice of size and color!!!


From Saltwater Edge Website (


The STORMR® TYPHOON is an adaptation of the wetsuit for land. Its Neoprene Core Technology provides huge thermal benefits in a thin, soft, flexible, windproof and waterproof shell. The STORMR® TYPHOON is made to withstand the harshest of elements while providing comfort and maneuverability unlike most foul weather gear
The STORMR TYPHOON is lined with a soft, comfortable micro-fleece material which traps warm air between your body and the shell. All seams on the STORMR® TYPHOON are glued, stitched and then coated with an exterior liquid tape, just like wetsuits for surfing and diving. This construction, although significantly more complicated than construction techniques employed on common outerwear, ensures the STORMR remains waterproof and windproof even in high winds, driving rain and freezing precipitation.

The hazards involved in aquatic activities are real and when the temperatures drop, one mistake can prove to be life-threatening. The STORMR® TYPHOON is a not a Coast Guard approved flotation device but its Neoprene Core Technology offers nearly 5 pounds of positive buoyancy. The STORMR® TYPHOON’s warmth, comfort and safety features give you the edge you need to DEFY THE ELEMENTS.


The zipper on the STORMR is also waterproof and is covered with an exterior storm flap to ensure waterproof integrity.

The non-corrosive metal zipper slider ensures years of use in the most brutal conditions.

Interior zippered pocket is spacious for keeping personal items safe and secure.

The attached hood is easily adjusted for a perfect fit and can be worn over other hats or head gear, alone or not at all.

Wrists are adjustable for use over gloves and layering.

Zippered outer front pockets are perfect for keeping hands warm on chilly days, or storing personal items securely.

The STORMR provides a full, relaxed fit with plenty of room for layering, allowing you to perfectly achieve your thermal balance.


Like I said, you lucky dogs 🙂

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826 comments on “Win a Henderson StormR Typhoon Jacket

  1. Tom mirrione

    Im In, Oh man could i really use this. Never had one. I now use a wind breaker, doesnt work well lol.

  2. Pete F

    I’m in, the edge is great.
    I have a henderson playa neoprene coat now and it’s great. this sounds like its directed right at the surfcaster market

  3. Andy Lapteff

    i’m in!!! this would be perfect for my first ever trip to montauk this June. fingers and
    toes are crossed:)

  4. Troy. S

    On the sand, or even in the yak. This jacket sounds awesome! I’d like to break it in, So ” I’m in!

  5. Phil Denson

    Nice jacket…I live in Missouri and fish in all kinds of crappy but productive fishing weather…that jacket would really help on those nasty days!

  6. RatherBeInRI

    I’m in! Amazing opportunity, thanks SWE and SJ!

    Good price too… And if SWE sells it, you know it’s quality!

    I wonder if STORMR would make a model with the neoprene wrists fittings? Or, maybe they cinch down enough to do the same function?

  7. Tim Myers

    In. Oh I’ll forgo a fish over 30lbs for the jacket, plus I’m really ugly and the jacket would make me look some what presentable.

  8. terry

    was just looking at the edge yesterday and was thinking about this jacket, you don’t waste any time at SJ. oh yeah i’m in…

  9. Azalia Chobot

    I love the salt water edge! The staff is great, outgoing, super helpful! And the guy who does the website work, super cute! 🙂 I’m in!

  10. Andrew Dober

    What a great looking jacket, and great website. glad I checked it out. Everyone could use a heavy duty rain jacket regardless of surf or boat fishing

  11. Jarlath Crowe

    I would love to jump into the surf at Nauset Beach or Block Island if I had something to keep both of my hearing aids dry. It looks like the Stormr Jacket would be the ticket in my case.
    Thanks SWE!

  12. chris Mcnally

    Please count me in for this opportunity , new jacket could be just the thing to get me out after early /late season fishing

  13. Ralph Willis

    Count me in too! Looks like it would be perfect for those cool late September and October mornings hunting for albies.

  14. Paul S

    I’m in, thanks for the chance for a great jacket. i saw one the other day and wish i had the money to buy one.

  15. Cheryl Scherf

    Wow!Everything in one jacket for some cold night fishing on the Cape! I’ll keep my fingers crossed!!!

  16. Cindy Campos

    This jacket will go perfect with my waiters! Yes I am proud to be a female surfcaster but got to look good doing it 🙂

  17. Matt Wolf

    Curious how it would be on days that are not so cold. Is it able to breath? Does it have vents? Looks like a pretty sick jacket.

  18. Michael Connole

    Not only a great looking jacket, but a very nicely designed web site. I wasn’t aware of SJ until I saw this posting on SWE. Thank you for sending me the link! Fish are here in Newport!

  19. Bill Scherer

    This looks like something that I could really make good use of. Thanks for the opportunity!

    Please count me in!

  20. Slimy Skate

    I am in. Didn’t realize Edge Email link was to SJ.
    Nice jacket. I have a Wading jacket made of nylon and neoprene cuff. Only the cuff are sort of water repellent. Has lots of pockets.
    I have Kayak paddle tops that are very water repellent. Not enough pockets and a PIA to remove.
    Storm Jacket looks to be a good compromise between performance & functionality.
    S.S. ~>

  21. James Piarulli

    Who needs to worry about what they have on once they start fishing. With a jacket like this you forget you have it on and just do what you set out to. FISH!

  22. Matthew Guerri

    This jacket sounds as if it is made of great quality and was designed for a serious surf fisherman. With this in mind it would be my honor to wear this jacket on the beautiful shores of Rhode Island!!! I’M IN GUYS!!!! Good luck to all and happy hunting this season!!!!

  23. Ken